Essay 5 Instructions (E100) Dayle Turner
English 100 -- Spring 1997
Leeward Community College

Research Paper (250 points)

THE ASSIGNMENT: You will conduct research and write an essay about a well-known writer/author. The piece you write will be composed of four sections.
  1. Overview: In this section, discuss why you chose to write about this author. Tell us what you hope to learn through the research you conduct (aprox. 100 words).
  2. Biography: In this section, present info to help readers get to know the writer such as the following: his or her educational and family background, avocations, influences of people and society, likes, dislikes, awards, triumphs, tragedies, and so forth (aprox. 400 words).
  3. Best and Worst: In this section, summarize the writer's most favorably acclaimed piece and the one critics and fans disliked the most. Provide examples of commentary critics have made about these particular pieces (aprox. 400 words).
  4. Summary: Conclude your essay by recapping what you've learned about the writer and the work he or she has done. You might also include a memorable quote from the author in your conclusion (aprox. 100 words).

Read a sample essay
SUGGESTED LENGTH: 1,000 words = 4 double-spaced typed pages

AUDIENCE: Classmates and instructor.

PURPOSE: To inform readers about the author you've chosen and to present information about what critics have said about his or her best and worst published pieces.

FORMAT: Modern Language Association format: double-spaced, one- inch margins, proper headings and page numbering. In this piece, you must use parenthetical references and include a correctly ordered and formatted "Works Cited" (Bibliography) List. You must use info from a minimum of six (6) sources in the essay. Sources may include books; magazine, newspaper, and journal articles; and internet sources such as information from World Wide Web pages.

QUALITIES OF A SUPERB ESSAY An outstanding piece would be one where the writer presents information in an interesting and energetic way. What readers don't want is just a string of facts and dates and quotes; instead, they want to be informed and delighted at the same time. Another mark of an excellent essay is the way source information is woven into the piece. Such information should be incorporated smoothly, mostly in your own words (paraphrased) and with proper attributions (parenthetical references and works cited). Overall, a superb essay must not only be informative but should possess energy rather than be some slug-like rendering of information that one could read from an encyclopedia.


Sharing day 1: Thurs 5/1

Sharing day 2: Tues 5/6

Submit final for grading:Thurs 5/8

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