Essay 4 Instructions (E100) Dayle Turner
English 100 -- Spring 1998
Leeward Community College

Writing From Observation

THE ASSIGNMENT: For this essay, you will write about a particular site on Oahu. The site must be a public place anyone can go to and must feature nature, so shopping centers and nightclubs will not do. Instead, consider places such as a state park, a beach, a surf spot, a hiking trail, or a historical site. Examples of such places are Aiea State Park, Makaha Beach, Diamond Head Crater, Nuuanu Pali, Banzai Pipeline, Manana Trail and many more. A former English 100 student, David Mendonsa, wrote an excellent piece about Hans L'Orange Park that you can read. You can also read past student essays written for this assignment.

In the essay, among the details to include are an [1] accurate description of how to get to the site, [2] a thorough description of the site that appeals to at least four of the reader's senses, [3] some background/historical information about the site (you'll have to research this), [4] reminders to readers about what supplies to bring to enhance their enjoyment of the site, and [4] your opinions/feelings about the site.
* If you can obtain them, include a picture of the site to include with your essay.

Suggested Length: 500 words = 2 double-spaced typed pages

Audience: A worldwide internet audience--specifically, write this for people who want to find out about points of interest on Oahu but who have only a limited knowledge of our Island. The piece you produce will become part of an Internet World Wide Web page.

Purpose: To inform your audience about the site so that they can find their way to it; have an idea of what they might see, hear, smell, taste and feel there; and know what to bring along with them.

Format: Modern Language Association format: double-spaced, one- inch margins, proper headings and page numbering.

What would make for a superb essay? An excellent piece would be stimulating, descriptive, and presented in a logical way for your audience. After reading your piece, readers should have a clear understanding of where the site is, what it is like, what to bring along, and what you think of it.

Sharing day 1: Wed 4/1

Sharing day 2: Wed 4/8

Submit final for grading: Mon 4/13

Notes: As in the past, to receive points on sharing days, one must be present with a draft of reasonable length. Students absent on sharing days or who do not submit their essays for grading on time will have points deducted and will not be allowed the opportunity to rewrite.
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