Essay 3 Instructions (E100) Dayle Turner
English 100 -- Spring 1996
Leeward Community College

Writing Using Sources

THE ASSIGNMENT: For this essay, you will write a narrative using a familiar saying as a starting point. For example, using the saying "Every dog has its day" as a launching point, one student wrote about how she endured years of being ridiculed for speaking with a lisp and eventually ended up as the keynote speaker at her high school graduation. Another student began his piece with a reference to the saying "Fortune favors the brave" and tied that in to the time he asked his then-girlfriend to be his wife. I've set up a list of well-known sayings you can refer to.

You can also read "A Journey Mauka," an essay I wrote to serve as a model for you to refer to.

An important aspect you must incorporate into the piece is information you gather from at least two (2) written sources of some kind, such as a book, a magazine, journal, or newspaper article, a World Wide Web page. I'm not concerned what the sources are or where in the essay you use the information; what matters to me is that the information from these sources--

  1. enhances the essay,
  2. is incorporated effectively
  3. and is cited correctly according to MLA manuscript conventions.
Suggested Length: 500 words = 2 double-spaced typed pages

Audience: Classmates and instructor. Purpose: To persuade your audience about some point (thesis) your narrative makes.

Format: Modern Language Association format: double-spaced, one- inch margins, proper headings and page numbering. In this piece, you must use parenthetical references and include a "Works Cited" (Bibliography) Section.

What would make for a superb essay? An excellent piece would be stimulating, descriptive, and presented in a logical way for your audience. After reading your piece, readers should be persuaded that the point your story makes is believable.

Sharing day 1: Wed 3/6

Sharing day 2: Wed 3/13

Submit final for grading: Mon 3/18

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