Essay 2 Instructions (E100) Dayle Turner
English 100 -- Spring 1996
Leeward Community College

Writing From Conversation

THE ASSIGNMENT: You'll conduct an interview of a person and write a piece based on the info gathered at that interview. More specific instructions about the essay can be found in Chapter 4 (pages 84-92) of your text. You can also read some sample essays written for this assignment by former students.

Suggested Length: 500 words = 2 double-spaced typed pages

Audience: Classmates and instructor

Purpose: To bring to life, through the use of specific details, quotes, and descriptions, the person you interviewd.

Format: Modern Language Association format: double-spaced, one- inch margins, proper headings and page numbering. Pay particular attention to conventions for using quotations in this piece.

What would make for a superb essay? An excellent piece would be stimulating, descriptive, and presented in a logical way for your audience. After reading your piece, readers should be able to picture your interviewee and understand one particular aspect of that person (job/avocation/philosophy/). What's more, it should flow smoothly and be free of distracting errors.

Sharing day 1: Wed 2/14
Sharing day 2: Wed 2/21
Submit final for grading: Mon 2/26
Reminders: 10 points for having draft and participating in sharing activities. Those absent or without drafts will lose 10 points plus 5% of the possible points on the final draft and forfeit your opportunity to rewrite. Those bringing a typed draft (double- spaced) to class will receive 5 bonus points (must be at least 1.5 pages).

Late final drafts will be penalized 10% of the possible points and must be submitted no later than the beginning of next class meeting after it is due. Late final drafts may not be rewritten.

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