Paragaph 1 Instructions (E22) English 22
Dayle Turner -- Instructor
Leeward Community College

Paragraph 1 Assignment

What is the topic?

This is your first formal writing assignment and for it you'll be required to write a single paragraph of about 200 to 300 words. Specifically, focusing on a person you know well, express an opinion about that person (for example, "My brother Alika is an emotional person," and provide three examples to demonstrate that your stated opinion is true. Click here to read three sample paragraphs.

What will make for a good paragraph?

To do well in this assignment, one must--
  1. have a clear topic sentence,
  2. have three detailed *examples* that support the topic sentence,
  3. use transitions effectively to connect the ideas,
  4. and edit the paragraph carefully so that it is free as possible of errors.

    What are the due dates for this assignment?

    Sharing day is on Mon, 1/22 (Group A) and Tue, 1/23 (Groups B & C)

    Submit a typed and properly formatted version for grading by Wed, 1/24 (Group A) or Thurs, 1/25 (Groups B & C).

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