Quiz 4 Prep Material -- Eng 100 Instructor: Dayle Turner
Leeward Community College
English 100

Quiz 4 will be administered on Monday, April 1 (no foolin').

You will be tested on your ability to differentiate between correctly constructed sentences and ones constructed incorrectly--specifically, fused sentences (aka run-ons), comma splices, and fragments. What's more, on the quiz, you will be asked to demostrate your ability to correct these kinds of incorrect sentences.

To prepare for the quiz, study the material on pages 79-88 in the handbook section of your Bedford text. There are also exercises that you should do (pp 82-83) and pp 87-88). The answers for the lettered items are in the back of the book.

In addition, review the following online info sources, made available courtesy of Purdue University.

Correcting Fragments and Run-Ons

What are fragments?

Fragment Correction Exercises

What are run-ons?