Essay 3 (E22) English 22
Dayle Turner -- Instructor
Leeward Community College

Essay 3 Assignment

What is the topic?

For this essay, you will need to find information from the library. Specifically, look through the newspaper archives and make photocopies of three articles ( each must be at least 100 words in length) about events that happened on the day you were born. You will summarize and use information from the articles, along with information about your birth, in your essay. You must also cite your source information by using parenthetical references and including a "Works Cited" list (see pages 313-324 in your text for info about this).
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What will make for a good essay?

To do well in this assignment, one must--
  1. have an effective introduction (see pages 224-226) that has a catchy lead (see pages 225-226), a clear thesis sentence (see page 224), and a plan of development sentence (see page 224).
  2. have three supporting (body) paragraphs, each focusing on an event that happened on a certain day in history (your birthday). In these paragraphs you must accurately summarize the articles IN YOUR OWN WORDS!
  3. have a paragraph where you discuss details of your birth.
  4. have a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and wraps up the piece.
  5. use transitions effectively to connect the ideas,
  6. and edit the essay carefully so that it is free as possible of errors.

    What else should you know?

    You must submit a photocopy of the articles you summarize.

    What are the due dates for this assignment?

    Sharing day 1: Wed, 4/3 (A) and Thu, 4/4 (B & C)
    Sharing day 2: Wed, 4/10 (A) and Thu, 4/11 (B & C)
    Submit day: Mon, 4/15 (A) or Tues, 4/16 (B & C)
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