Essay 2 (E22) English 22
Dayle Turner -- Instructor
Leeward Community College

Essay 2 Assignment

What is the topic?

For your second essay, you'll be assigned to a group of two or three students. Each group must work together to compose a single essay that focuses on THREE spots on Oahu that young people like to spend time at.

These could be places such as a club, a park, a beach, a shop, a game room. To avoid duplication, groups will go through a selection process in class to determine which places they will write about. This way no place will be written about more than once.

Once your group has selected the places to write about, you should begin gathering information about each site. Among the info to include is--

  1. A brief description of where the place is on Oahu and how to get there.
  2. A description of what one can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch there.
  3. Some factual/historical info about the place (if you can dig up any)
  4. Your personal experiences, thoughts, recollections about the place.
It is important to know that the essay your group produces will serve as an information source on the internet. Therefore, as you write and revise your essay keep in mind that your readers may have never been to Oahu before. Accordingly, be sure to explain yourself clearly and carefully.

What will make for a good essay?

To do well in this assignment, one must--
  1. have an effective introduction (see pages 224-226) that has a catchy lead (see pages 225-226), a clear thesis sentence (see page 224), and a plan of development sentence (see page 224).
  2. have three supporting (body) paragraphs, each focusing on a specific place where young people hang out.
  3. have a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and wraps up the piece.
  4. use transitions effectively to connect the ideas,
  5. and edit the essay carefully so that it is free as possible of errors.

    What are the due dates for this assignment?

    Sharing day 1: Wed, 3/6 (A) and Thu, 3/7 (B & C)
    Sharing day 2: Wed, 3/13 (A) and Thu, 3/14 (B & C)
    Submit day: Mon, 3/18 (A) or Tues, 3/19 (B & C)
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