Essay 1 (E22) English 22
Dayle Turner -- Instructor
Leeward Community College

Essay 1 Assignment

What is the topic?

This is your third writing assignment and for it you'll be writing a longer piece. Instead of a single paragraph, you'll be required to write an essay, which for our purposes will be a multi-paragraph piece of about 500 words. Specifically, for this assignment you will write a letter to a hypothetical employer stating several reasons why he or she should hire you to work for him or her.

As an example, let's say that you want a job as a salesperson at a store at Pearlridge. Write a letter/essay to the manager or owner of the store stating several reasons why you're the right person for the job. Each reason should be discussed in a separate paragraph in your letter/essay. And in those paragraphs you should provide examples to support your reasons. Click here to see a sample essay.

What will make for a good essay?

To do well in this assignment, one must--
  1. have an effective introduction (see pages 224-226) that has a catchy lead (see pages 225-226), a clear thesis sentence (see page 224), and a plan of development sentence (see page 224).
  2. have a minimum of three supporting (body) paragraphs, each focusing on a specific reason why you should be hired.
  3. have a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and wraps up the piece.
  4. use transitions effectively to connect the ideas,
  5. and edit the essay carefully so that it is free as possible of errors.

    What are the due dates for this assignment?

    Sharing day 1: Wed, 2/19
    Sharing day 2: Wed, 2/26
    Submit day: Mon, 3/3
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