In-Class Essay 4

Scheduled for Monday, April 29.

Reading material:"The Environmental Crisis is Not Our Fault" by Kirkpatrick Sale [pages 579-581 in the Bedford Guide].

The writing task: Summarize in a paragraph or two, Sale's argument about the ecological crisis. Then dicuss several reasons why you are for or against his position.
What else should you know? The test will be closed book. That is, no notes or use of the text will be allowed. Like the previous in-class essays, those who want to write the essay using pen and paper may do so and those wishing to use the computers may do that.
What can I do to prepare for this? Read Sale's piece several times, noting down the major points of his argument. After considering his assertions, determine whether you agree or disagree with them. Be prepared to explain your views with examples and reasons. I'm not interested in what your stand is--I'm more interested in how thoroughly you explain and defend it.