In-Class Essay 2

Scheduled for Monday, March 11

Reading material: "If I Could Found a College" by Jennifer Bowe [pages 101-104 in the Bedford Guide].
The writing task: Discuss two aspects of Bowe's Sundial College that appeal to you, two aspects you are skeptical about, and two aspects you'd add to improve it. Whatever aspects you select for discussion, be sure to provide your reasons. That is, explain WHY.
Format considerations: Remember to have a distinct introduction (with thesis), body (probably three paragraphs), and conclusion (restatement of thesis). The piece will probably be composed of five paragraphs:
1. Intro  2. Appealing aspects  3. Aspects you're skeptical about  
4. Aspects you'd add  5. Conclusion

What else should you know? The test will be closed book. That is, no notes or use of the text will be allowed. Like the first in-class essay, those who want to write the essay using pen and paper may do so and those wishing to use the computers may do that.
What can I do to prepare for this? Read the Bowe piece several times and note down aspects of the fictional college that you like, that you have doubts about, and that you'd add. Using your notes, write an outline using the essay planning handout I'll give to you. Using the outline, write the entire essay several times on several occasions. In addition, look over your first in-class essay to see where you did well and where you need work. See Dayle if you need help or have questions.