My name is Josephine Blair. I was born and raised on the island of Niihau. I grew up with seven older brothers and sisters. I have two sons and a grandson.

I attended Niihau Elementary School until June 1961. In September 1961, I attended Waimea High School for the next four years. After I graduated from Waimea High School, I attended Kauai Technical School (it's now Kauai Community College) for a year, and received my Clerk Typist certificate.

I'm now employed by Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) as a Computer Assistant. I've been working at PHNSY for the last seventeen years.

I enjoy working in my garden, reading magazines, books (true murder stories), novels, making arts and crafts for family and friends in my spare time.

My immediate goal is to pass this English 100 class and go on to the next higher English class. My next goal is to get a degree and hopefully a better paying job too. I haven't decided on what degree I should be studying for.