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Name: Anderson, Marsha (Rapp)
Years at Kamehameha: 1971-1975
Position at KS: English teacher--HS Division
Current occupation: Asst. Prof/Chair Mkt Dept--St. Martin's College
Snail mail: 3808 Sunsent Beach Dr. NW, Olympia, WA. 98502
Phone: (360) 866-1593 (H) or (360) 438-4373 (W)
Email: marshaa@crc.stmartin.edu
Name: Barville, Mark
Years at Kamehameha: 1983-1988
Position at KS: music teacher
Current Occupation: Music Director-Long Beach Chorale
Email: ocean@earthlink.net
PIC: freediver.net/ocean/tuna1.jpg
Name: Kawa'a, K. Nani Maioho
Years at KSBE: 1993-present
Current occupation: Parent Educator--Moloka'i
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 413, Ho'olehua, HI 96729
Phone: (808) 553-3284 and 553-3929 [fax]
Email: knani@aloha.net
Name: Martin, Rick
Years attended: 1966-1967 (exchange student)
Current occupation: Attorney
Snail Mail: 547 Willow Lane, Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: (419) 874-0108 [W] & (419) 874-3746 [H]
Email: rmartin@bright.net
Name: Sesow, Deborah Clinton
Years at Kamehameha: 1960-61
Position at KS: Girls PE Instructor
Current occupation: Special Educ. Coord.--Humann Elem School (Neb.)
Email: wsesow@unlinfo.unl.edu

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