1969 Graduates

1969 Kamehameha Graduates

(sorted alphabetically)
Name: Akiona-Adams, Sheri K.
Years attended: 1962-1969
Current occupation: Human Resource Assistant
Madison Precision Products, Inc.
Snail Mail: 2929 Ohio Ave. Madison, IN 47250
Phone: (812) 273-4984 res. (812) 273-4702 wk.
Email: wjadams@seidata.com
Name: Haa-Moniz, Melissa L.
Years attended: 1962-1969
Current occupation: Probation Officer (Juvenile)
Snail Mail: 155 Andrews Ave., Hilo, HI 96720
Email: lani@interpac.net
Name: Hammersley, Sandra Lei (DANIELS)
Years attended: 1963-1969
Current residence: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Email: slhammer@server01.lambdatech.com
Name: Henderson, Stu
Email: stu@lgc.com
Name: Hugho, Colin Kaohu Perry
Years attended: 1962-1966
Current Occupation: EO/IR Systems Engineer
Snail Mail: 332 East Upjohn Ave., Ridgecrest, CA. 93555
Email: hughoc@ridgecrest.ca.us
Homepage: www1.ridgecrest.ca.us/~hughoc
Name: Namahoe, Robert
Years attended: 1966-1969
Current occupation: VP-Operations--Sound Services, Inc.
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 2052, Kahului, HI 96732
Phone: (808) 871-9174
Email: soundman@maui.net
Name: Pereira, Michael E.
Current occupation: Computer Systems Analyst--NOAA
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 1448, Newport, NC 28570
Email: pereira@coastalnet.com
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