1947 Graduates

1947 Kamehameha Graduates

(sorted alphabetically)
Name: Baptista, Adeline B.K. (Andrews)
Email: Addiebk@juno.com
Name: Baptista, Manuel K.
Years attended: 1945-1947
Current occupation: Retired--Air Force and Civil Service
Snail Mail: 94-378 Kipou St., Waipahu, HI 96797
Phone: (808) 671-1578
Email: bkkuuipo@hula.net
Homepage: http://www.hula.net/~bkkuuipo
Name: Ferreira, Merlyn B.
Email: merl@hula.net
Name: Henry, Lehman L. (Bud)
Current occupation: Retired USCINCPAC
Email: budhenry@lava.net

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