Hawaii Hike Planning Tips

Hawaii Hike Planning Tips

Hike With A Partner

Don't hike alone. Most people who get in trouble are alone. Two heads are better than one. In case something happens, your partner's help can be invaluable.

File A Flight Plan

Filing a Flight Plan will let rescuers know that you're overdue and let them know where to look for you. If you deviate from your Flight Plan without telling anyone, your chances of being rescued drop substantially.

Get Info About The Trail

To lessen the chances of needing help, read up on the trail so you know where to start, how difficult it is, and what route the trail follows.

Wear Proper Clothing

Save your skin from scratches and sun exposure with long pants, a hat, sunscreen, and even a long sleeve shirt.

Check Weather Conditions

Sunny and clear mornings are sometimes followed by rain and wind later in the day. Call the National Weather Service at 973-4381 or check the web for the latest Oahu forecast.

Assess Your Capabilities

Compare your and your companion's ability and experience with the trail description. Be practical and realistic.

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