Kalena Hike Pictures

These were taken and sent to me by Nathan Yuen. Photos are from a Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club trail maintenance outing at Pu'u Kalena in the Waianae mountain range. Hike date: January 4, 1998, Sunday.

A shot of the stone where human sacrifices were reportedly performed. This rock is located on the Hapapa side of Kolekole Pass.
A shot of one of the legendary dike sections.
A tree snail
A shot of the initial mountain face that one must climb to reach the dikes and Kalena itself.
Another shot of the dike section below Kumakalii. A hiker holds his hands heavenward with glee.
Yet another dike shot. Hikers in the mist making their way along the upper dike section past Kumakalii.
A view of Pu'u Kaua and other parts of the Waianae crest.

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