Kakaako, Pearlridge, Waiau Zippy's

Kakaako, Pearlridge, Waiau Zippy's

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Are you tired of sight-seeing with adults and want to know where the younger locals hang out? There are many places that local people like to spend their time at, and we would like to tell you about a few of them. Other than a brief description of the places, we will also give you directions on how to get to Kakaako, Pearlridge, and Zippy's in Waiau.

One of the fun and exciting spots here on Oahu, for younger locals, is a very beautiful beach park called Kakaako Beachfront Park. Where is it located, and how can you get there, you ask? Actually, it is quite simple to get there from Waikiki. All yo u have to do is get on Ala Moana Blvd., drive pass Pflueger Honda--which will be on your left-hand side--until you see Ohe Street. When you spot Ohe Street, take a left, and go straight until you see parking spaces on your right-hand side. If you're won dering what's so special about Kakaako, there is a lot to be said. Kakaako is a beautiful, man-made beach park full of hills, vast lawns to play almost all kinds of field sports on, and you can fish upon the rocks alongside the water. There are also tra ils to go rollerblading, biking, skate-boarding, and jogging. On Friday and Saturday nights, one side of the parking lot becomes a radio control race track for those who are interested in that hobby. Kakaako has been a popular spot for teenagers since i t first opened about two years ago. It is a beautiful and exciting place to spend time at during any day of the week.

Another place you could go for fun and to shop is Pearlridge Center. Pearlridge is located on the leeward side of the island. To get there from Waikiki, you have to first jump onto the H-1 freeway, then go west from there. After that, you take the Aie a/Pearl City cut off, and on your right-hand side will be Pearlridge. Pearlridge is a pretty big mall where many young people hang out, for there are many things to do and buy. One of the things that attract the young crowd is the entertainment spots su ch as the consolidated movie theaters. Many people go to watch the latest movies there at the two, 12-plex and the 4-plex, theaters. If that doesn't interest you, Fun Factory and Tilt are arcades where you can play the latest games, such as virtual real ity. There are also rides for young kids--that is, if you have any. If you are not excited about arcades either, you can always go just to have a relaxing shopping experience in the indoor, air-conditioned mall. There are shops for teens like yourself, young children, and for older adults. The prices are reasonable and the sales people are friendly, so you should have a wonderful experience at Pearlridge.

The last place we would like to tell you about is Zippy's in Waiau. All you have to do is get on the H-1 freeway and head west until you see an exit to go into Pearl City. Go straight, stay on your right lane, and turn into Waiau Center at, 450 Kam Hig hway. The building at the farthest left is Zippy's. Many teenagers spend much of their leisure time here after shopping or watching a movie at Pearlridge, or after a high school football game or carnival at the Aloha Stadium. At Zippy's in Waiau, you ha ve a choice of enjoying your meal in an air-conditioned room, or in a cafetorium-type room. Zippy's menu consists of many local favorites like hamburger steak, deep-fried mahi mahi with tarter sauce, or the ever-so-famous chili and zip min, which is a sa imin with their own mixture of garnishes. After a chilly evening, locals love to sip up the hot soup and noodles to warm up. Along with the ono local's favorite foods, you can also get dessert from the Napolean's Bakery, which shares a merger with Zippy 's. One thing that really separates this Zippy's from the others is that it's much more sanitary, bathroom wise. There's also shops in the center, so if you plan to go in the day, you can shop a little before having a true, local, dining experience.

With the descriptions that we gave, we hope that you have a clear picture of the three special places we've just shared with you. If you'd like to experience the beauty and simple pleasures of this island through native's eyes, or simply want to get awa y from your corny, tourist parents, you should visit such places. So whether it be a day of field sports at Kakaako; a relaxing, shopping experience at Pearlridge; or a dining experience at Zippy's in Waiau, you are sure to enjoy your stay on Oahu the lo cal way.