Waimea Falls Park, Kalakaua Avenue, Hotel Parties

Waimea Falls Park, Kalakaua Avenue, Hotel Parties

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Aloha! welcome to Hawaii, are you looking for some excitement and action? I have a few places to tell you about, here in Hawaii there is always something to do day or night.

First to start the day off, I would like to introduce the beautiful Waimea Falls. This is one of Oahu's favorite tourists spots to see, this is a nice place just to relax and hang out. If your coming from Waikiki you would take H-1 north and that will take you as far as Wahiawa, then from there you would take Kam Hwy only road to Haleiwa, just stay on that road for about 9 to 10 miles and you will come across Waimea falls the park to your right and the beach to your left. Some of the attractions there are biking, you will enjoy the challenging 2 hour downhill ride on a 21-speed mountain bike. You also have the opportunity to take a river ride down the beautiful Waimea river in a kayak . Waimea has a nature quest where you can explore the history and culture on a 2 1/2 hour narrated excursion, there is where you can see and hear the bea utiful birds. The sound of running water that the stream provides. You can sample to taste coconuts, and other tropical fruits. They have a small zoo park filled with wildlife and much more to see. Waimea was known as the bay of plentiful, there was a time when royalty ruled the island. Around 1092 Waimea was given to the Kahn (priests) to rule and protect, this sacred valley was bestowed upon Hew Hew, the Kahn no (high priest) of Kamehameha the Great. Today the temples and homes of the Kahn lie silent, but in the hearts of many, their rich culture and spirit live on. I especially enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the peacefulness that it gives me.

After enjoying a nice laid back day, now your ready for some action into the night. There are a couple of places you can check out, "DA Strip" said by local people is on Kuhio Ave it is located in Waikiki, it stretches from Honolulu Zoo to the beginning of Waikiki. It is an avenue that is surrounded by many hotels, stores, and restaurants that you can go to. The best times to go is on Friday or Saturday evenings from 12 midnight till 2 in the morning. If your on this island and looking for the spot, don't hesitate there is a lot of road maps at convenience stores every- where. What is there to do on Friday and Saturday evening? First of all if your single you can look for someone you might like, there is a handful of people there for the same reason you are. Secondly, you can have dinner. If your on a budget, we suggest Jack in the Box. Going there will also make you realize that teenagers literally have no curfew. If you just stand in front of Jack in the Box, located on the Mauka(mountain) side of Kuhio Ave, they would pass-by like if it were a bike race. Lately, there are many prostitutes that you can spend your money on. Don't take your chances, because there is a lot of undercover police officers. There are many thins to do there, go and find out! If your walking on the sidewalk and all of a sudden you feel your eardrums shaking, don't worry it's only a car or truck blasting its boom- box. And if your lucky you might see two guys beating up each other.

Thirdly, today's college students wonder, "What are we going to do tonight?" Every group goes through this. Allot of students go dancing at clubs, but you can't always do that or it gets boring. College and high school students love to party, and that's the truth. You never forget a good party. My friends and I remember parties held during our sophomore year in high school. House parties are great, but property either get stolen or broken. Most people don't like to take responsibilities for their own house, so the alternative is to rent a room at a hotel. Hotel parties are held almost every weekend in Waikiki. Some of the more popular hotels are Waikiki Sunset, Waikiki Banyan and practically all the Outrigger hotels, renting a hotel room is less stressful as compared to using someone's house. During prom or banquet season, a lot of hotel rooms are booked for these special occasions. Waikiki Sunset is the most popular hotel for after prom parties. However, there are some problems, especially when security personnel warn you that the noise is too loud. One of the best places to have a party is at Turtle Bay, away from traffic and people. The cabanas at Turtle Bay are sound proof and bigger. The beach is directly outside of your room, close enough so you could take a walk on the beach. Persons responsible for the room know not to let your guest outside of the room to keep security personnel away from you. Prices for hotel rooms range from $75.00 to $250.00. The cheaper rooms are much smaller and therefore you can't make a lot of noise. As the price of a room goes higher, the quality of your room is better. If you love to party, renting a presidential suite is suggested. It is a first-class room, larger, but very expensive. Great hotel parties are always remembered, never forgotten.

After reading this I hope you found three spots in Hawaii that you'll enjoy. Go to the beach in the day, in the early night hit the strip and finally go to a killer hotel party.