Waimea Bay, Blue Zebra, Waikele Factory Outlets

Waimea Bay, Blue Zebra, Waikele Factory Outlets

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The three best places to hang out are Waimea Bay, Blue Zebra, and Waikele Factory stores.

First there's Waimea Bay, which is located on the North Shore on the island on Oahu. It is located on Kamehameha Highway, right across Waimea Falls Park. A lot of teenagers hang out at Waimea Bay because it is a popular beach and there are a lot of fun things to do there. You can surf, body board, swim, jump off the rock, or just cruise for the day. Waimea Bay is also a popular tourist attraction and known for it's big wave surfing in the winter. The waves can reach heights up to 25 feet.

Secondly, there's Blue Zebra, which is located in downtown at Restaurant Row. It is one of the most popular night clubs for people who are 18 years or older. If you like to dance then this place is for you. They play up to date music which is one of t he main reasons why people go, besides meeting different people. Sometimes it can get so crowded that the dance floor is packed with people dancing. Also, it doesn't matter if you didn't come with a dancing partner. In fact, a lot of people dance with there partners or even there friends. By the time the night is through, you could be even dancing with a stranger. Who knows, maybe you can meet your future boyfriend or even girlfriend.

Finally, the best place to hang out is Waikele Factory Outlet. It is located at the intersection of the H1 Ewa bound freeway and Paiwa Street. This shopping center has three phases, Phase I, Factory Outlet Stores, and Phase II. Phase I consists of K- Mart, Eagle Hardware and Garden, Sports Authority, Borders Books and Music and other oriented retailers and food outlets. The Factory Outlet Stores consists of Saks Fifth Avenue, Mikasa, Osh Kosh etc. etc. A lot of these stores have come from the mainla nd and there prices are really reasonable. Which is why Waikele has become so popular and it attracts many tourists. Phase II consists of Sack N Save, Computer City, and Office Max. A lot of people like to shop here because it's convenient, cheap, and it has everything from grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and office needs.

In summary, Waimea Beach, Blue Zebra, and Waikele are a few places that people like to spend there time at.