Sunset Beach, Hard Rock Cafe, Pearlridge 12-Plex

Sunset Beach, Hard Rock Cafe, Pearlridge 12-Plex

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Is this your first time in Oahu and you don't have a clue where to go? If so, pay close attention. For here are three hot spots that you may consider going to. They are, Sunset Beach, Hard Rock Cafe, and Pearlridge 12-Plex.

The first location you might consider going to is Sunset Beach, located in the North Shore. There are many fun things for families and friends to do at Sunset Beach. It's a great place to spend a weekend of fun and surprises. There's great surf and ev eryone is friendly. If you don't like to surf , you could also go diving or snorkeling. If you just don't like the water, there are a lot of room for sunbathing or a picnic. At night, Sunset Beach is a great place to have a romantic dinner. You and th at special someone can enjoy the night scenery there. If things go well, you might consider having sex along the beach shore. That's one of the sexual fantasies that women enjoy. My thoughts on Sunset Beach is that it is a place that will keep you rela xed and entertained.

The second location you might consider going to is the world famous Hard Rock Cafe, located at 1837 Kapiolani Boulevard. As soon as you enter Hard Rock Cafe, you witness a lot of Rock n Roll memorabilia. Artists such as Elvis, Sting, The Beatle's, Litt le Richard, etc., have their pictures/instruments displayed all over the cafe. There's also Rock n Roll music to keep your ears entertained. The food is great and sells for a fairly descent price. They also sell merchandises, such as, jackets, hats, sh irts, etc. So if you want people to know that you went to Hard Rock Cafe, buy them immediately! Hard Rock Cafe is also a great place to meet people. So, if you guys or gals happen to spot a person that you like, buy them a drink. Hopefully you can get he or she drunk and end up having wild passionate sex at their place. My thoughts on Hard Rock Café is that it is a great place to dine and socialize with other people.

Finally, the third location that you might consider going to is the Pearlridge 12-Plex movie theaters. Since it is conveniently located inside Pearlridge Shopping Center, you can start your day shopping and end your day watching movies. Pearlridge Shop ping Center is on Moanalua Road, located on the west side of Oahu. As you will be coming from Waikiki, take H-1 Freeway west-bound and exit the freeway by the Aloha Stadium. About a quarter of a mile down the road, you will see the Pearlridge Shopping C enter. The theaters are on the second floor of the shopping mall. The movie tickets costs about $6.00 for adults, and children twelve and under are $3.00. Right outside the theaters, there is a snack shop and a video entertainment area. If you get the re early, you can either play video games or buy something to eat from the snack shop. The snack shop serve hot dogs, popcorns, candies and soft drinks. In the video game area, they have games like, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and car racing games. T he movie shows start around 12:00 noon and some start later. Sometimes they play one movie in two different theaters to have more seats available. The last show ends around 10:30 or 10:45 at night, depending on the movie. My thoughts about the Pearlrid ge 12-Plex theaters is that it is a place where you can shop and be entertained in one day.

In closing, Sunset Beach, Hard Rock Cafe, and the Pearlridge 12-Plex are suggested areas we think you might enjoy during your stay here in Oahu. The choice is yours.