Sandy Beach, Kalakaua Avenue, Sloppy Joe's

Sandy Beach, Kalakaua Avenue, Sloppy Joe's

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Are you looking for a fun place to hangout? A full day of activities? Maybe you should consider some of the local hot spots. You can enjoy a day at Sandy beach, stroll through Kalakaua strip and towards the evening, you can take pleasure in some dancing at Sloppy Joe's.

Our first stop is Sandy beach, which is located near Sealife Park pass the University college. To get to Sandy beach also known as Sandy's, you would have to take the H-1 freeway, go all the way towards the East side and pass Hanauma bay. Then proceed d own the narrow and winding road until you come to Sandy's on your right hand side. When you finally arrive at Sandy's, the sun is usually hot. You can feel the sun rays burning your skin. The parking lot is full of surf-racked cars and picnic baskets. Walking towards the sand you can see the swells chuckling in the water and a few barrels forming just before it breaks into white wash. Slowly watering down your toes, the white wash disappears. Sitting in tanning oil, you can smell the hotdogs in the b ooth nearby. Riding the speed of the wave, you can taste the salted windy air. There is not too much history about Sandy's that I know of, but you can do lots of things at the beach, especially Sandy's. I feel that most people like it there because it has a grassy area for kids. There are lots of space to fly kites, play football or even volleyball. Of course you can also work your leg muscles in the sand by running. There are lots more to do on the beach, such as the following things: taking a tan, swimming, building sand castles, fishing or just spending a day at the beach with friends and family. On a good weekend when I have some time or if the ocean isn't too rough, I would spend some time building sand castles with my son; but of course he wo uld knock it down. We would also go swimming and then eat some lunch. After we are done eating, we would relax for a while until we were ready to leave.

Our next stop is Kalakaua Avenue, which is also known as the Waikiki strip. People of all ages hangout here. Kalakaua Avenue is located near Waikiki beach and the Honolulu Zoo. If you are driving from Kalihi area, you would need to take the King stree t exit and stay on your far right lane. This will lead you to Kapahulu Avenue. Then you should take a left and go straight towards Waikiki beach onto Kalakaua Avenue. Here on Kalakaua Avenue have the beach nearby the zoo, and further down towards Diamon d head, is the Honolulu Aquarium. On Saturday nights, The finest car and truck clubs hangout at Kalakaua strip. Kalakaua Avenue is usually packed with cars and an audience. The cars there are a kind of entertainment for the people or tourist. We would show off our fabulous paint jobs and special designs, new chrome rims, and colorful interior. When the cars rev their engines, you can see and smell the exhaust from the cars. When I feel like having a good time, I love to hangout at Kalakaua Avenue to spend time with my homeboys and checkout everybody's cars or just to show off my own car. I definitely would encourage people to checkout Kalakaua strip because there is lots to do. The zoo can be fun, and there is a variety of animals that you can see . The Aquarium is also entertaining, they have lots of sea animals, such as the following creatures: seals, baby turtles, fishes and sting rays.

Our final destination is Sloppy Joe's. The people allowed there would normally have to be twenty-one years and over but there is an exception for teens. Just as long as they don't purchase or drink liquor, teens are able to go there. Sloppy Joe's is loc ated at the Aloha Tower Marketplace near Restaurant Row. To get to the Aloha Tower Marketplace, you need to go towards Honolulu bound on the H-1 freeway, exit on Nimitz Hwy, and make a right on Front street. The Marketplace is not hard to miss because you can see the Aloha Tower clock from a distance. For entertainment, you can see a lot of local bands. While sipping on a smooth and sweet tasting Steinlager beer, you can hear the laughter of others having a great time. After feeling overwhelmed from dancing to an excellent choice of music, the brisk salt breeze from the waterfront can be very refreshing. Since the bar is not more than a year old, a lot of people have not been there. Due to my experience at Sloppy Joe's, I highly recommend that you go there. There is dancing, entertainment to enjoy and they make great nachos with lots and lots of cheese. I feel that Sloppy Joe's is a great place to unwind.

Hawaii is full of fun activities to do throughout the day. Sandy beach, Kalakaua strip, and Sloppy Joe's would fill up one whole day of great activities. They are exciting and it gives you an opportunity to meet different people.