Maharaja, Hawaiian Brian's, McCully Zippy's

Maharaja, Hawaiian Brian's, McCully Zippy's

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With Oahu's popular beaches, scenic spots, and excellent weather all year round. We also have several popular entertainment spots ages 18-over can enjoy in the evening. Some of these places are Maharaja, Hawaiian Brian's Billiard, and McCully Zippy's.

If you like to dance to music, and meet an array of people, than you must check out Maharaja. Maharaja is an exclusive club located in the Waikiki Trade Center on the corner of Kuhio Ave and Seaside Ave. This exclusive club offers a variety of music, drink specials, and a large dance area where you can get down and boogie. Also, private parties can be arranged at an affordable price. There are V.I.P. booths where dinner can be served. The dinner menu is quite exquisite, with entres such as Escargot, Chicken Marsala, New York Steak, expensive wines, and extravagant desserts. You can clearly see why Maharaja is an exclusive club. Maharaja is open from 7pm to 4am everyday of the week. On Saturday's Maharaja has a bikini contest, and on Sunday there's college night. Only during college night 18 and over are welcome, other than that day, you must be 21 to get in. Also, there is a dress code to enter the club. Baseball caps, slippers, backpacks, and T-shirts are not allowed, only semi-formal wear is.

Another popular place to visit or just to relieve some stress on Oahu is Hawaiian Brian's Billiard. This is located at 1680 Kapiolani Boulevard on the second floor above Gold's Gym. For $1 you can park on the second and third floor. The parking structure is secure, well lit, and maintained constantly. Loitering isn't allowed and trespassers can be prosecuted. Brian's, a common name for this pool hall isnŐt just any other Billiard spot, but it's a place where you can play darts, video games, and meet new people. It has a clean atmosphere with friendly staff and great music, your bound to have lots of fun at Brian's. Also, billiard and dart tournaments are held at Brian's, and on occasion private parties too. With centralized air conditioning you can always keep cool when playing a friendly game of pool. Pool sharks are lurking so be a pool shark yourself.

When your all tired of dancing and playing pool, you are bound to get hungry, so your next stop would be McCully Zippy's. This restaurant is a popular hangout spot for most locals after a hard night partying. Located on 1725 South King St. off of Waikiki, it's a restaurant that serves great local foods and pastries. Zippy's menu offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and scrumptious desserts. These local foods are priced under $10 and tastes absolutely great. Delicious dishes such as Chicken Katsu, Mahi Mahi, Sundaes, and fresh pies are but a few items on the menu to tantalize your taste buds. Also, Zippy's is famous for their chili and rice, itŐs not too spicy so it makes you constantly wanting more. It's open 24 hrs everyday of the week. Try it. Zippy's friendly atmosphere and mouth watering foods will send you home with a smile.

These are but a few of the popular evening spots on Oahu. This is just a taste of Honolulu. What are you waiting for? The night is young, take advantage of the sights, sound, smell, foods, and overall fun events that await you. Come on in!