Kuhio Avenue, Pacheco Park, Kualoa Ranch

Kuhio Avenue, Pacheco Park, Kualoa Ranch

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Hey you out-of-state teenagers, deciding to visit the island? If you want to know some hot spots to see keep reading. You can take a cruise to Kuhio Avenue or Pacheco Park. Kualoa Ranch and Beach Park has some pretty good activities there also.

Kuhio Avenue is located on the opposite side of Kalakaua Avenue. It's really easy to find this cruising spot. You won't get lost if you're staying at a hotel called Hawaiian Waikiki Beach. As you get out of the hotel's parking lot you turn right. It' s a one way street when you're getting out of the hotel. You're at the stop light waiting for it to turn green and Kuhio Avenue is right there in front of the stop light.

At Kuhio Avenue you'll see lots of people with nice cars, beautiful hotels, shops, different kinds of restaurants, and palm trees. You can also see people on the sidewalk meeting other people that come from different ethnic backgrounds and either live o n the island or are from somewhere around the world. It's really noisy between the hour of twelve and one o'clock in the morning. You can hear people talking loud and yelling, beeping horns, playing with their car alarms, loud music, and exhaust(muffler). You can also smell food, carbon monoxide from the cars, perfume/cologne and cigarette smoke. While you're walking or driving around you tend to get hungry. There are lots of places on this strip where you can taste delicious food.

From what I believe or heard from my grade school teacher, Kuhio Avenue as well as the rest of Waikiki wasn't like this before. Water was surrounding it all.

Another good place to check out is Pacheco Park. People of all ages are playing either football, baseball, or softball. The park is fairly easy to find. Once you take the Pearl City cut off you take a right turn onto Moanalua Road and stay in your left lane. Keep going straight until you come to the third traffic light where you take a left turn, that road would be Waimano Home Road. Once you're on that road all you have to do is stay in your right lane and keep going down until you come to the Police Station. Once you pass it turn right, into the parking there. Guess what you made it to Pacheco Park. Once you arrive at the park, especially if it's a Saturday afternoon, you will see either a football game or a baseball game going on. It really depends on what time of year it is. At night, any time of the year, there is usually a softball game going. During baseball season, on every Saturday there are people at Pacheco Park. There are games starting at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. After the baseball is finished, which is around 6:00 pm, the softball games start on the other smaller field.

But if you're interested in a bit of history as well as a lot of fun, you can also check out Kualoa Ranch and Beach Park. To get to this beautiful greenery out in the country you should go to the end of Kalakaua Avenue, take a left onto Kapahulu Avenue.

Go straight ahead, all the way down the road. Follow it left and you'll see a sign saying "H1," this is the freeway you want to get on. As you are on the freeway look for the Likelike Highway cut off; take that and go straight up. As you get out of t he tunnel get into or stay in the left lane. From the left lane on you'll be going straight the whole time. You won't have to turn on any street just keep going until you see Kualoa Park on the right and Kualoa Ranch on the left. At Kualoa Beach Park there is no rubbish around. There is green everywhere, benches to picnic on, the ocean's near and there's plenty of parking. Kualoa Park is also known for it's camping. Families spend time together having a relaxing good time. Peo ple can jet-ski and windsurf at Kualoa and once in a while they'll give people a chance to paddle canoe out to Chinaman's Hat. This is a small island of the coast of Kualoa Beach Park which looks like a Chinaman's hat. Across the street at Kualoa Ranch much more things happen like horseback riding, helicopter rides, there's a shooting range and even a field to have a printable war. Once in a while the Ranch will sponsor concerts held there as well as amateur and professional mountain bike contests. Before, in the mountains of the Ranch there were bunkers for World War II in which the military watched for airplanes and submarines. There was even an air field for the military to land their planes at the Ranch. On nights when there is a full moon, the ocean looks beautiful. The water is glowing and to the side is Chinaman's Hat. It's silhouette of the island looks unbelievable. The sight is something one has to see for themselves -- I have. So depending on what type of mood you are in whether it's watching some baseball, enjoying that day at a beach park, or taking a cruise down Kuhio Avenue just keep these three places in mind. There are a lot of other interesting places to go and many ot her exciting things to see here on the island. So for those of you that thought Hawaii was nothing but little grass shacks and people always fishing -- SURPRISE! ??