Kalakaua Avenue, Tantalus, Anna Miller's

Kalakaua Avenue, Tantalus, Anna Miller's

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So your a young adult and on a vacation with your family. Yes your family, your annoying brother or sister and your uncool parents. You tried so many ways to stay away from them like the fake fever and the awful stomach flu, but there is nothing to st op the dreading group photo. So your feeling down and always asks yourself these simple questions every time your on vacation. Do I always find myself debating with my family for the perfect place to go and hang out? How about going to place to see a s pectacular view of Hawaii? I'm tired eating at a restaurant where there is nothing that can satisfy my craving for some local food? These questions can be very difficult when your on vacation at Hawaii. But look no further, we've came up with our best suggestions where a lot of young people go to cruise, relax, and dine in.

Kalakaua Avenue is the perfect place for young people to hang out. It is an inter city highway about two miles long and located in the heart of Waikiki. Kalakaua Avenue, also called the strip, attracts many tourists and young people because of its location and surroundings. The strip runs along the coast and consists of restaurants, parks, beaches, clubs, stores, and many entertainment facilities that will definitely keep you busy. There are also many hotels and rental facilities for automobiles , bikes, and mopeds. During the day, many tourists and young people take advantage of the beautiful Waikiki Beach for a lot of fun in the sun. Interested in having a cook-out or how about a friendly game of touch football? Kapiolani and Kuhio Beach Par k is the place to go, to barbecue under the shade or play many sports under the warm sun. How about the mood for spending some of your parents' money? there's the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center known for their classy shops and scenery spots. During the night, Kalakaua Avenue becomes the most jamming street on the block. The street becomes the center of attention, for there are many tourist out shopping and many locals driving their cars and down the strip and socializing with other people. don't forg et the night clubs! There are several night clubs in Waikiki, such as the Rendezvous and the Annex for young adults who are interested in Hip Hop and Techno music. Occasionally, block parties are held on the strip and many streets get blocked up for the special event. So if your looking for a fun time out during the day or night, Kalakaua Avenue is the place to find it.

Wondering where is the most exquisite place to see a view of Hawaii? The place is Tantalus. Tantalus is located on the hillside of Makiki in Honolulu. If your are coming from Waikiki you'll need to get on Wilder Street and then take a left on to Makik i Street. Keep driving up and follow the signs. don't be surprise of the twisting-windy road because when you get to the round top of Tantalus it's going to be a drive that you will never forget. Do you know what makes Tantalus the place to be? it's b ecause of the magnificent view of Honolulu and Waikiki. During the night when the sun is down and the moon is up, you'll see the lights of Honolulu and Waikiki shine and shimmer through out the night. you'll also feel the chilling-cold wind blowing gent ly against your skin and hear the wind sing a soft sweet melody. Many young people go to Tantalus to hang out and watch the view with their friends or family, or share the night with their loved ones. Many people also go to Tantalus at night and picnic under the big, bright moon and the twinkling stars, yet be entertained by the breathtaking view. Tantalus is one of the most beautiful place to visit when your in Hawaii.

Are you hungry for some local or American food? Anna miller's 24 hour restaurant is one of the most popular restaurant here in Hawaii. This restaurant is located on the corner of Kamehameha Highway and Kaonohi Street in Aiea. Are you coming from tow n? All you have to do is to get on to the H2 freeway heading Waianae and take the Pearl Ridge/Aiea cut off. Then stay on your right hand lane and keep on driving until you see the Anna Miller's 24 hour restaurant. Anna Miller's was founded by Mr. Stanl ey Miller in the year of 1973. Being this, a family restaurant, had branched out to may location in the mainland and Japan which were either destroyed or sold out of business. Being the only Anna Miller's had given the locals a taste they cannot forget. The most popular dishes they have are the tasty Chicken Teriyaki plate, the juicy Vegetable and Shrimp Stir Fry plate, and the local Mahi Mahi plate. The prices of their dishes and including the drinks are very affordable, not costing more than ten dol lars. With these great prices many celebrity and famous people dine in with their friends and family. Famous people like the mayor, Jeremy Harris, to many of the Hawaiian bands and singers. Anna Miller's is also popular for their delicious fresh pies l ike their best seller, the Strawberry Pie. This restaurant is not only affordable yet accessible for the people, for there are many parking and their great 24 hour service. With their great service and smiles, Anna Miller's is a unique restaurant on thi s island.

So your social life and your cool reputation have been saved from your boring family vacation, and your questions have been answered by these simple solutions. Kalakaua Avenue, Tantalus, and Anna Miller's are the places to visit when you're here in Hawa ii. With these exciting places, you'll constantly brag about how exciting your vacation in Hawaii to your friends and family back home.