Kaena Point, Wallace Theaters, Restaurant Row

Kaena Point, Wallace Theaters, Restaurant Row

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Sitting around having nothing to do? Well there are many places on Oahu that young people can spend time at. Listed below are three examples of recreational and entertainment spots that young people go to and enjoy.

First of all, a good recreational spot that young people go to is a place called Kaena Point. Kaena Point is located near Mokuleia on the North West tip of Oahu. When you get to Kaena Point you'll notice that the ocean is located directly on your right hand side and the Waianae Mountain Range is on your directly on your left. As you will notice, Kaena Point was not paved so you will need a 4 wheel drive truck, or you can chance it with your car. It's a great area to do many things like dirt bike r iding, bike riding, hiking, fishing, and a lot of local people enjoy bringing there lifted trucks to go off roading. There are a lot of native plants that still exist here and as you look toward your left hand side you will notice a line of rocks coming down the mountain side. Back in the ancient Hawaiian times, these rocks were symbols of the division of land. You can also walk through Kaena Point and come to one out of only 3 light houses on Oahu.

Secondly, a great place young people could enjoy a movie is the Wallace Theater at Restaurant Row. Restaurant Row is located about one block away from the Aloha Tower Market Place. Wallace Theater is a new company in Hawaii that just opened up recently , and has become very popular. Wallace Theater has so much to offer for example, it's a 10 screen theater, they offer free parking, on Friday's and Saturday's the show midnight movies at only $5.00 a person, and last but not least, if you go to the first movie of the day, you can watch it for only $3.50. They also have 5 other locations on Oahu that you can check out if your ever in the areas of Keolu, Laie, Nanakuli, Kailua, and Enchanted Lakes. So when your in the mood for a good movie, you should tr y the Wallace Theater and enjoy these good advantages that they have to offer.

Finally, after you enjoyed your movie at Restaurant Row, you can walk right across the court yard to the traditional life style of night clubbing. One of the many night clubs located on Oahu is the well known Studebakers. Studebakers is one of the bigg est night clubs located in Restaurant Row, and the most popular one to. Once inside of Studebakers, you'll notice how popular it is by the amount of people. They play various types of music dating back to the 50's. They have three bars located on each side of the night club, so it's very convenient for everyone. A lanai is located outside for those of you who just want time to relax and take a load off your feet. The staff at Studebakers get the people involved in skits that they do like dancing on t he tables to all types of different music. Studebaker's offers "Happy Hour" which is from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and the cover charge is only $1.00. Anytime after that, the cover charge goes up a little to $4.00. Don't forget, you must be 21 years and over to get into this night club. So come and join us and free your stress and enjoy a night of fun.

In conclusion, Kaena Point, Wallace Theater, and Studebakers are only a few of the many places and things available for young people to do on Oahu. So if you have time, come and check out these three places and see how enjoyable your day can be. ??