Fun Factory, Hawaiian Brian's, Blue Zebra

Fun Factory, Hawaiian Brian's, Blue Zebra

by Dayle Turner

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If you plan on coming to Hawaii, consider this your perfect itinerary. Oahu has many fabulous places to visit while you are here on the island. Some of the fabulous places you can visit are Fun Factory at Pearlridge Shopping center, Hawaiian BrianŐs, and Blue Zebra at restaurant Row.

To start off your first day here in paradise you can begin by visiting Fun Factory a video arcade located in Pearlridge Shopping Center. To get there from Waikiki get on Highway 1 (H1) heading west, until you get to the Pearlridge exit, get on the right lane continue straight for about a mile and a half and Pearlridge Shopping Center will be on your right hand side. Fun Factory is located inside Pearlridge in Phase two on the second floor, on the opposite side of Hallmark in the corner. Fun Factory has been in Pearlridge since 1979. Fun Factory is a place where you can take the kids or where you can go yourself and just have fun playing video arcade games. They have great games there such as; Mortal Kombat 3, Killer Instinct, and Street Fighter. Not all of the games are just video games, one game called Virtual Reality is a game where your can actually become apart of the game. When I say you become a part of the game you actually get to play against real people that are in the form of holograms. Before you get hooked on this game you should check your pockets for lots of money, because it costs two dollars a game. Video games are not for everyone there are also games like Bowling, Skeet Shoot and other games that give out tickets. You can go and exchange them for prizes. The prizes come in all sorts of forms. You can get little plastic figurines, you can even get popcorn, candy or you can go for the big prizes such as the televisions, boom boxes and big stuffed animals.

Fun Factory is not for everyone some people would like to sit back and enjoy a good game of pool. Hawaiian BrianŐs is another place for locals as tourists visit. To get there form Pearlridge Shopping Center you get back on Highway 1, but this time heading east back into Waikiki. From Waikiki, Hawaiian BrianŐs is well accessible, all you have to do is take the Ala Wai Avenue until you reach McCully. Take a right and then take a left when you reach Kalakaua Avenue. Once there, you will have to pay one dollar for parking, but you can also have valet service. When youŐre inside you will definitely have fun. Hawaiian BrianŐs has approximately forty pool tables, nine dart boards, arcade room, snack shop, and they also have their own store inside. Every two weeks Hawaiian BrianŐs holds dart tournaments and a billiard tournaments. Tuesday is the billiard tournament and Thursday is the dart tournament. While youŐre playing games, shooting pool, throwing darts, eating, or just hanging out, Hawaiian BrianŐs always has musical entertainment. They have a jukebox with all the latest hits. YouŐll definitely have fun at Hawaiian BrianŐs.

Pool tables may be that is not your cup of tea. Well if your in to the night life do I have the place for you. Blue Zebra at Restaurant Row located at 500 Ala Moana suite 2A. Open seven days a week from 10:00 PM too 4:00 AM. Blue Zebra is a twenty-one (21) years and over club except on designated days of the week. The cover charge is five (5) dollars for twenty-one (21) and over except for those designated days which are for all college students. The cover charge for students eighteen to twenty is ten (10) dollars. It is also a indoor outdoor club with four wet bars three located inside and one located outside. Blue Zebra is never boring, theirs always something going on. For example, on Sundays and Wednesdays it is college night, Mondays and Tuesdays is two dollar drink night, Thursdays is ladies night, and Fridays and Saturdays is twenty-one and over nights. On some weekends they have special attractions like bikini contest, male dancers, money drop, best butt contest, and many more events.

The types of music that Blue Zebra plays are top 40, dance, R and B, hip hop, and techno. The dress code for the ladies is any thing that makes them look hot and sexy. As for the guys it is strictly pants, shirts with sleeves, and shoes, you know dress to impress. Once you enter the club you will be able to see the dance floor. It is kind of small, so if you love to dance head for it right away it will get extremely packed really fast. They also have dancing pedestals all around the dance floor. For those of you that like to show off your dancing moves. If youŐre a drinker just go to any one of the four bars. The bartenders will make you any drink known to man from a blow job too sex on the beach. Blue Zebra is fun, enjoyable, and relaxing so if you want to party this is the place for you. Have a good time and donŐt drink and drive!

In conclusion whether you go to Fun Factory and play video games, or spend your time at Hawaiian BrainŐs, or even let it all loose at Blue Zebra remember to have fun.