Ala Moana, Rumors, Hawaiian Brian's

Ala Moana, Rumors, Hawaiian Brian's

by Dayle Turner

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Imagine yourself grooving to the sounds of the hottest beats. then hanging out with all your friends around the pool table as you think of ways to beat your friends at the game of darts. Let's not stop there, how about relaxing on the beach under the hot sun? Well let's not imagine any longer. Instead we will tell you about these happening spots on Oahu. Ala Moana Beach Park, Rumors, and Hawaiian Brian's are the best places to hang out.

First off we'll tell you about Ala Moana Beach Park which is known for recreation, picnics, and relaxation. Ala Moana Beach Park is located on the right side of Nimitz Highway just after you hit downtown Honolulu. This park has lots of room for recre ation. Volleyball nets can be set up on the grass and for a more intensive game the nets can be set up right on the beach. Sidewalks and parking lots are used to go roller blading, jogging, and riding bikes. In addition, the lush green grass is a perfe ct spot for a picnic. Simply lay out a blanket and bring out a basket full of food. Watching people play volleyball, and run around having a good time will keep everyone entertained. Furthermore, Ala Moana has a great beach to just relax. Take a nice swim in the warm refreshing water and then lay out on the soft sand. Just feel the warm sun against your skin and simply relax.

Next, we'll tell you about a hot night club. Rumors is located on the 1st floor of Ala Moana Hotel on 410 Atkinson Drive. This night club is popular amongst teens ages 18 and up. At Rumors the large dance floor that has two cages to dance around, is always the most exciting. Rumors also has strobe lights to make the dance floor hype. In addition, you will expect the Disc Jockeys play a variety of music ranging from hip-hop, R&B, Alternative, Rock, and Rap Music. Rumors is also known for its crazy contest. Some of these contest include the daisy duke contest. This contest allows girls to strut their stuff in the most highest sexiest shorts and dance to liven up the crowd. Another contest is when two couples dance to see who can dance the nastiest . Not only is Rumors a place to dance and join a contest but is also a place to drink (if you're the legal age of 21). Rumors has two bars on each side of the club. So you will be sure to talk and meet new faces.

Last but not least, we would like to tell you about a pool hall and arcade joint called Hawaiian Brian's. Hawaiian Brian's is located at 1680 Kapiolani Blvd. up the ramp and behind Gold's Gym. Hawaiian Brian's claims to be Hawaii's largest indoor recrea tion facility that's open twenty-four hours a day. This will become evident the moment you step in. You will hear the sounds of video games, people, and the cracking of the cue ball ring out. People from all over the island come to play the latest vide o games, ranging from Street Fighter to Moral Combat III . Hawaiian Brian's has games that use the latest technology. Games like Virtual Cop, Virtual Fighter II and Ten Do Shin that can be played in 3D. Sometimes if a game is popular Hawaiian Brian's will host a tournament to see who is the best at a game. Hawaiian Brian's is also known for the dart boards. On Tuesday and Thursday they hold dart leagues for those who think their pro ant the game of darts. Furthermore, Hawaiian Brian's is mainly kno wn for their pool tables and like video games, they gold tournaments for the people who play pool. If you are lucky, you may even see one of the tournaments, and try out the moves the pros use.

In conclusion, Ala Moana Beach Park, Rumors, and Hawaiian Brian's are the best places to hang out. Well, what are you waiting for? You don't have to imagine yourself having a great time dancing, playing pool, and relaxing on the beach. Instead you can make it a reality. We'll see you there!