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I am a broadly trained evolutionary biologist with specific expertise in molecular approaches to understanding island biogeography, devising management and conservations strategies for rare native species radiations, and identification, control and eradication of harmful invasive organisms.

Molecular ecology: We have a full molecular lab, with the equipment and expertise needed to generate DNA data that we use to study island biodiversity via application of genetic markers, in order to:
  • examine and evaluate conservation-relevant systematic patterns
  • define evolutionarily significant units
  • understand population structure
  • reconstruct phylogenetic relationships and historical biogeographic patterns
  • quantify underlying genetic diversity

Field studies: We participate in and conduct regular surveys, sampling and collecting of endemic and invasive land snails, predatory triclad flatworms, and other invertebrates, as well as certain vertebrate predators of native invertebrates. Much of our field work takes place in pristine high elevation forest reserves of the Hawaiian Islands.

Collaborations: A number of biogeographic collaborations are ongoing, with various of researchers at UH and elsewhere on species including Jackson's chameleons, Hawaiian box jellyfish, Hawaiian opihi, invasive and native succineid land snails, and invasive insects.

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