ICS 111 - Introduction to Computer Science I - Lab

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Part I:  UH Web Site Setup:

Go to:  http://www.hawaii.edu/personalhp/

Read the directions there very carefully. 

Click on 'Open the Personal Homepage Management Utility', which will open in a new window.  Here you will log in using your email username and password.

You will see a category called 'Personal Home Page Options'.  If you do not have a homepage already, click on 'Create Home Page' and go through the steps to create it.


When setting up your personal home page (if you have not done so already), make sure that you create it so that the whole directory is viewable.

From the main page, under 'Personal Home Page Options', click on 'Enable Access to Existing Home Page Files'.

You will get a screen like this:

Make sure you click the button on the right, to enable everything in the public_html folder to be viewed, then click 'Enable Web Access'.

At this point, your web page is set up, and you can access it at http://www2.hawaii.edu/~username

Where username is substituted with your email username.

At this point, please continue with the SSH installation instructions.  These will follow with helping you get your ICS 111 web page set up.

Part II:  Creating an ICS 111 web site:

Before beginning this section, make sure you have installed SSH on your computer.

Open SSH, connect to UH UNIX, and open a File Transfer window.  Open the 'public_html' folder.  (instructions for this can be found here)

Download the following ZIP file:  ics.zip

Unzip the folder, and drag it into your 'public_html' folder in SSH.  This will set up the directory for you as your professor requested:

There must be clearly recognizable paths of links from your home page for 111 that lead to the solutions of your assignments: the home page of your 111 site should be located in your home directory in /public_html/ics/111/ on uhunix, i.e. it should be accessible via http://www2/hawaii.edu/~youraccount/ics/111/. (Don't use any large graphic files (or anything else that takes long to download) in the pages on the path - they impede our efficiency in correcting your assignments.)

Your ICS home page will be:  http://www2/hawaii.edu/~youraccount/ics/
Your ICS 111 home page will be:  http://www2/hawaii.edu/~youraccount/ics/111/

There is a sample assignment (assignment 0) so you can see an example of what your end product will look like.


For instructions on submitting your assignments, please refer to the syllabus of your respective class.

Any questions, please contact your TA