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On the southern most tip of the Southlands, rising majestically above the clouds, is an imposing, yet beautiful and graceful, structure. With tall, slender towers rising up like a forest of ironwood trees, made of sparkling marble, that shines as a newly polished mirror. When the sun rises in the early dawn, its rays reflect off the always polished surfaces. Reflecting, rebounding, increasing in brightness till the towers glow like a second sun. The glow expands for many miles, bathing much of the Southlands in its purifying light. The people of the Southlands wake to a dawning of midday brightness, and so this powerful fortress of good, stronghold of the High Elves in the south, has been named ...

The Fortress of Dawn

From the Fortress of Dawn mighty High Elven forces sally forth against the undead tyrants of the Southlands and other forces of evil. The Fortress of Dawn has never been taken, and rarely ever been threatened. The nearby Wood Elven colony, just to the northwest of the Fortress of Dawn, in the forest Athel Mahina`ar, benefits greatly from the protection provided by the Fortress. The Wood Elves are proud, however, and keep a standing army, which often accompanies the High Elven forces, just for a good fight. The renowned Prince Arrow Flynn, of the Wood Elves, and his troupe of Glade Lancers are famous for their charge of the Grand Battery of Sensual Skewers(a Dark Elven RBT battery) at Balklav`va(a small, unimportant town of the Steppes in the middle of the Southlands).

The majority of battles fought in the Southlands seem to end up in, or around, the Steppes, or Highlands and they are sometimes called, as the form a natural barrier between the Tomb Kings of Araby and the living people of the south. A force of Dark Elves are rumoured to be hiding in the Steppes as well.

There are three distinct races of Humans in the Southlands. The most numerous are the dark skinned People of the Night , from which the Dark Continent gets its other name. The People of the Night live in close knit groups spread out loosely to the south of the Steppes/Highlands. They are a hardy folk, and highly independant, and they will rarely bother someone who has not bothered them first.

Living in the Steppes/Highlands are the Highlanders and Tarsaks . Though neither group is very organized, they have never been conquered. They are fierce rivals and their battles are often looked at as great treasure troves for the nearby undead tyrants.

Every year the Tomb Kings and other undead tyrants of Araby, to the north, push ever southward, increasing their power, and causing many wars for land amongst the people of the Southlands. The dark kin of the High Elves have also gotten in on the fun, landing a Black Arc just south of Araby and north of Athel Mahina`ar. The largest force ever assembled by the High Elves of the Fortress of Dawn managed to destrot the Black Arc, but an army of the dark ones escaped to the Steppes/Highlands, where they continue to cause troubles, while they plot their revenge. There have also been reports of a tribe of lizardmen in the swamps just north of Athel Mahina`ar.

The Warhammer World is Round!

High Elf explorers have fairly recently discovered that the world is round. Ships exploring to the east of the Fortress of Dawn, discovered Cathay long ago(and the nearby Nippon), but recently a daring captain by the name of Bel Taablis, decided to go east, past Cathay and Nippon, rather than north to Cathay and Nippon. After a rather uneventful trip his lookouts sighted the imposing bastions of the Citadel of Dusk. Later that year Bel Taablis sailed southwest from Cathay, hoping to make a straight run to the Citadel of Dusk, when he made an exciting discovery. His ships(he had been made an Admiral) discovered a chain of volcanic islands, inhabited in the middle of the ocean(which, oddly enough, when later mapped, the islands were found to be in the shape of a great shark). The strong, yet peaceful(at times) people of these islands had never seen another humanoid race before and quickly assumed that the High Elves were gods. However, Bel Taablis was not as haughty and elf as most, and he took great pains to educate the natives of his non-godly status, and told the islanders his views of the world as a High Elf. Believing Bel Taablis, the islanders pledged eternal alliance with the High Elves. Even so, Bel Taablis tried to keep the Islands of the Great Shark a secret from the rest of the world, to protect the Kanaka Mano(People of the Shark or Shark People as they called themselves) from the depredations of the other races. However, a few years later a fleet of the islanders' double-hulls rounded the Citadel of Dusk and sailed north, landing(as quite a surprise) on the shores of Brettonia. In an odd occurance, showing the anarchy of Brettonia(or at least that's what the Empire said), some Brettonian nobles befriended the islanders, while others attacked. Having never seen horses(mounted troops or metal) before, the islanders were almost crushed in the first charge, but for the timely intervention of their newly made Brettonian allies. The chief of these islanders decided then that the people of the "Old World" were weird, and much was needed to be learned about these strange folk that shine like the sun(metal, and light skin) and ride four-legged meals(the few horses killed in that first battle were very tasty with a touch of rock salt :)

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