Thayanan Phuaphanthong

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching effectiveness is measured by how much I am able to stimulate students’ interest in the subject and motivate them to learn. As a student, I learned best when I enjoyed class. I, therefore, try to make every class interesting and fun. I use examples that students can relate to in order to explain concepts and their applications. I incorporate various forms of humor including funny stories and humorous items in class to keep student’s attention. I engage students in lectures by punctuating each lecture with questions and encourage their participation by having them write down their answers before the questions are discussed. By making every class interesting and fun, I believe that I can establish a bond with students. The student-teacher gap is therefore bridged as I make myself more approachable.

Because I believe in lifelong learning, I prepare students to be lifelong learners. I teach students how to learn. I give them assignments that are related to what they learn in class and encourage them to figure how to complete the assignments using the knowledge and tools available outside the classroom by themselves.

PhD Candidate

Communication and Information Sciences Program

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Teaching Experiences

Summer (II) 2013:     BUS 311 Information Systems for Global Business Environment    [Evaluation]

Fall 2013:                  BUS 311 Information Systems for Global Business Environment    [Evaluation]

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