Thayanan Phuaphanthong


The use of qualitative methods in my research has allowed me to gain rich insights from the empirical data, using a variety of highly context-dependent settings and case studies. In addition to the evolution research on interorganizational information system for trade facilitation so-called Single Window, I am now working on applying my memetic theory of emergence and evolution to explain the adoption and diffusion as well as the rise and fall of other IT artifacts.

I  am investigating the factors and conditions leading to the emergence, evolution and diffusion of Hong Kong’s Octopus -- one of the world’s most successful deployment of RFID-enabled e-payment system -- to London where the similar idea is operated in a mass transit system under the name Oyster. Unfortunately, the use of Oyster is still limited within a mass transit system. It does not follow the evolutionary path that Octopus has gone. My research project will look into the story behind the limited use of the  RFID-enabled e-payment system in London.

Another on-going research project revolves around the growing mobile app market which its value can reach as high as $27 billion dollar by the end of this year. Yet, the data suggest that there are over a million apps in the market and only one in four apps, once download, are never used again. Recent literature even suggests that most apps would fail. Using the memetic theory of emergence and evolution,  this research seek to provide an alternative explanation as to why certain apps get caught on while others do not.

PhD Candidate

Communication and Information Sciences Program

University of Hawaii at Manoa


Phuaphanthong, T. and Bui, T. (Forthcoming). How did it happen? A Memetic Theory of Information systems Emergence and Evolution. Proceedings of the 47th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 6-9, 2014.

Phuaphanthong, T. and Bui, T. (2013). The Story of Memes: On the Origin of Interorganizational Information Systems (IOISs). Proceedings of the 46th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 7-10, 2013.   

Phuaphanthong, T., Bui, T., & Keretho, S. (2010). Harnessing Interagency Collaboration in Interorganizational Systems Development: Lessons Learned from an E-government Project for Trade and Transport Facilitation. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, (6:3), pp. 42-56.   

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