Welcome to the homepage for the Thai students at the University of Hawai'i. You will find helpful resources in this website.


Usually TSA arranges potluck party once every semester around the 2nd week after the pain (school) begins. All Thai students and scholars are invited to this party, no admission fee. But if you want to pay, we’ll take it.

Well, the following is kind of requirement. You are supposed to bring some foods (that you cook), snacks, dessert, drink (non-alcohol) with you.

Now the question arises: how much food I should take with me? Let’s say … just bring the portion that good enough to feed yourself when you feel like you didn’t eat anything for a week or so !! just kidding. Collectively, we will have enough food and that how TSA can keep this tradition rolling.

After all, may the good thing return to you and this is the reason why it’s called pot“luck”. The exact date, time and venue will be announced and send thru email thai-l.


TSA recommends that you do nothing but study!! Don’t feel like study? Fine!! Go clean up your messy room. Still don’t like that idea? How about go cooking for the next TSA potluck? All right!! let’s get to the real weekend business. Honolulu has many fun activities you can enjoy when you have such a short time like “weekend”.

Swimming--this is a true story. When I first came here, a senior Thai UH student said to me “let’s go swimming”. I asked “where? on-campus pool?”. He replied “No!! we’ll swim in the ocean”. Geeeee … I was thinking about swimming in calm surface water back then!! Would I got swept down to the ocean floor??? how far would those people swim?? After a while, you get use to swimming in the ocean and you might have some favorite beaches that you want to go every weekend; e.g. Waikiki, Ala Moana, Hanauma Bay.


Tennis--many public tennis courts are available throughout the city. They are in a very good condition. Plus, the spotlights will be on after the sunset. And it’s FREE !! But, be prepared to meet with the crowd during the prime time (morning, evening to early at night).


Ward Center--there are 16 screens. Good quality theaters. But sorry !! not as nice as those at SiamParagon. Caution, in the back of some theaters, it smells like spoiled popcorn!! $8.75 normal rate and $6.75 morning matinee rate (before 4 pm).

Restaurant Row--this is a cheap deal!! $1 normal rate and $0.5 for matinee. There are 9 screens. Wonder why it’s so cheap? Answer is simple, they show “old” movies like “the sound of music” hahaa… actually, not that old.

Varsity Theater--“classic” style!! and show indi’ movies. Yet, not cheap. But it’s located just in UH neighborhood. Ohh… there’s a wonderful ice cream place called “Bubbie” right behind Varsity theater.

While there are many other theaters in Honolulu, TSA recommends only those three locations because we think that it’s close to you so that you can come back and study!!