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Journalism/Media Codes of Ethics

Ethical Philosophies and Philosophers

The following links will give you a basic understanding of differing philosophies that we can apply to media ethics and professional communication. Most come from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, another handy source.

Here's a site from the University of San Diego that looks at basic ethical philosophies as they are applied to contemporary issues:

Ethics Updates

Here's some more basic information on some of the major philosophers whose thoughts we apply to the practice of journalism, from a website called "The Window" prepared by Trinity College:

Aristotle Kant Mill Marx Confucius

Interested in other philosophers? You can find similar introductions on the life and thoughts of many, including Martin Luther King and Sung Tzu, on The Window Philospher Search


Here are a few organizations that put a priority on media ethics and can help you with information, too.


Some web sites of media commentary and criticism:

Film/Entertainment Resources

American Film Institute
British Film Institute: Primary Source for Study of Moving Image Culture
Movie Review Query Engine: Compare Reviews from Multiple Sources
Hollywood Reporter
Script-O-Rama: Full Film Scripts
Internet Movie Database:
Filmsite: Reviews, Commentaries, etc.
Hollywood Stock Exchange
The Media Project
ShoHawk: Getting Started in Filmmaking
History of Silent Movies
Journal of Popular Film & Television: PN1993.J66 at Hamilton Library

Local Links

Of course, there are several Hawaii news organizations online:

Links to Links

These sites are lists of links to online U.S. and international newspapers and to resources for student journalists:


Here are links to media organizations and other web sites that promote and explore diversity in life and in the media.


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