ACM 460 - Understanding the Rules of the Course


(NOTE: Check each item. This form must be completed and signed to remain registered in the course)


£ I understand that attending university involves making many choices. I understand that I am responsible for all the choices I make.


£ I understand that attendance is mandatory for this course. If I choose not to attend to a class, it will be recorded as an unexcused absence.  There will be no possibility to make up a missed Test/Exam/Assignment for an unexcused absence.


£ I understand I am only allowed ONE unexcused absence. Beginning with the second unexcused absence, my grade will start to drop by an entire level (for example: from A to B, or B to C, or C to D or D to F).


£ I understand that in order for an absence to be excused, it must be caused by circumstances beyond my choice and control and that I must provide documentation of those circumstances (for example: a doctor’s note; a summons for jury duty; student athlete travel). I will endeavor to inform the instructor before a class I’m unable to attend whenever possible. I understand that a test missed because of an excused absence must be made up before the next scheduled class.


£ I understand the instructor will make the final determination of whether the absence is excused, and that there are no automatically excused absences.


£ I understand that it is essential that I arrive promptly for class so that I have ample time to prepare myself for learning so that I do not disrupt others and their learning in the class.


£ I understand that if I arrive too late to sign in on the day’s attendance roster, I must explain my lateness to the instructor at the end of that class period in order to be counted present.


£ I understand that repeated late arrivals (two or more) will also cause my grade to drop by an entire level.


£ I understand that participation is an important part of this class. If I choose not to participate, I will not earn those points toward my final score.


£ I understand that I am responsible for the assigned readings in the syllabus and will be expected to have completed those readings before the class for which they are assigned.


£ I understand that if I have chosen not to complete the assigned readings, I will not be able to score well on the chapter Tests that will count toward my final grade, nor will I be able to engage in serious and thoughtful class discussions, so will put at risk the participation points that make up my final score. I also understand that by not contributing meaningfully to class discussions, I am shortchanging the opportunities for learning by my classmates.


£ I understand that some in-class discussions require me to work in small groups, and that those groups rely on my participation to be successful. If I choose not to contribute to group efforts, I will not be able to earn the participation points that make up my final score. I also understand that not contributing to the group shortchanges the learning opportunities for others.


£ I understand that the deadlines for turning in assignments are absolute and that there are no extensions.


£ I understand that all writing for this course is to be my original work. Any use of ideas or writings or materials that have originated with others will be credited to them. I understand the penalties for plagiarism (claiming the ideas or work of others as your own), or for “dry-labbing” (making up sources, data, or results that do not exist), can include failure on the assignment and failure for the course.




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