Tom Brislin's Newspaper Articles

(Since UH Appointment)

"There's Nothing Psychic About Seers," Honolulu Advertiser, February 9, 2004.

'Dirty Laundry' Goes Beyond Movie," Honolulu Advertiser, May 11, 2003.

UH Welcomes Global Village," Honolulu Advertiser, November 17, 1999.

"TV news, 'Net can't compare to daily newspapers," Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 30, 1999.

"Germany Tries to Reinvent Itself," Honolulu Advertiser, July 18, 1999.

"News at 6: Bad News," Honolulu Advertiser, April 3, 1998.

"Let's call media to task for promoting stereotypes," Honolulu Advertiser, Feb. 23, 1997.

"Candidate Debates are a Sham," Honolulu Advertiser, Oct. 2, 1996.

"Controversial Role of Newspapers in the History of Hawaii Examined," Honolulu Advertiser, Sept. 22, 1996.

"Dailies Deal in 'News Lite': Less filling, less nourishing for the civic mind," Honolulu Advertiser, Feb. 18, 1986.

"(Hawaii Democracy) Forum Looks Beyond the Polls," Honolulu Advertiser, Sept. 14, 1995.

"Japan in Pompadours: Cruisin' in Yoyogi Park," Honolulu Advertiser, July 16, 1995.

"Media Key to Simpson Trial," Honolulu Advertiser, July 5, 1995.

"First Amendment Guarantees Free Speech," guest editorial for Hawaii Filipino Chronicle, Dec. 16, 1993.

Fasi vs. The Press: It's Usually Fasi by a Landslide," Honolulu Advertiser (Sunday Focus), Oct. 24, 1993.

"Journalism Rises Above Political Pique," Honolulu Advertiser (Sunday Focus), May 2, 1993.

"Beyond Conflict: Perhaps the Media Should Offer Solutions to Problems," Honolulu Advertiser, April 18, 1993.

"Reed Case and Media Ethics," Honolulu Advertiser, Oct. 22, 1992.

"Watching the 'Watchdogs'," Hawaii Monitor, Aug. 1992.

"Simone Barely Gets a Passing Grade: Students' Poll Only Gives the Outgoing President a Rating of C+," Sunday Star-Bulletin and Advertiser. March 29, 1992.

"Tabloidism: Where tail-end is wagging the national press," Sunday Star-Bulletin and Advertiser. Feb. 2, 1992.

"Hawaii Hochi: Voice of Equity for AJAs," Sunday Star-Bulletin and Advertiser Jan. 19, 1992.

"Sex 'harassment' Unclear to Students" (Results of student opinion poll), Honolulu Advertiser, Nov. 21, 1991.

"Is Our Free Press Working?" Sunday Star-Bulletin & Advertiser, May 26, 1991. "UH Students on Racism, Sexism, the Gulf War and Al Simone," Honolulu Advertiser, March 21, 1991.

"University Time Warp: A 40-Year Deja Vu," Sunday Star-Bulletin & Advertiser, Feb. 10, 1991.