Brian Szuster's Coastal Research Lab | Teaching




Undergraduate Courses

Geography 101 - The Natural Environment
An introductory course in physical geography that provides an overview of meteorology, climatology, hydrology, geology, geomorphology and biogeography.

Geography 324 – Geography of Global Tourism
Spatial patterns of supply and demand in the global tourism system. Economic, social and environmental impacts. Mass and alternative tourism.

Geography 356 - Geography of Southeast Asia
A multidisciplinary perspective on Southeast Asia that surveys the environment, resources, history, cultures and economy of this region.

Geography 412 - Environmental Assessment
An introduction to environmental impact assessment as conducted under the US National Environmental Policy Act.

Geography 415 – Nature-Based Tourism Management
Principles of nature-based tourism including a survey of impacts, objectives, planning and management systems.

Graduate Courses

Geography 621 - Coastal Planning and Management
A graduate seminar that explores coastal resource planning and management

Geography 622 - Environmental Impact Assessment
A graduate seminar that focuses on the theory and practice of environmental impact assessment within the United States and other countries.

GEOG 752 - Research Seminar: Resource Management