Brian Szuster's Coastal Research Lab | Graduate Students




MA Theses

Emma Anders (in progress). Tour operator conflict at Manta ray dive sites off the Island of Hawai'i.

Li Phillips (in progress). Sustainable dive tourism in Thailand

Dan Knecht (2014). Crowding and user conflict at Manta ray dive sites off the Island of Hawai'i.

Kosta Stamoulis (2012). A seascape approach to investigating fish spillover across a marine protected area boundary In Hawai'i.

Bixler McClure (2009). Assessing recreational scuba diver perceptions of crowding.

Hatim Albasri. (2009). Site selection for sustainable grouper net cage mariculture in waters off Kaledupa Island, Indonesia

Graceson Ghen (2009). Cumulative Effects Assessment in Hawai'i: An Evaluation of Methods and Practice in Hawaii's EIS System

Elizabeth McLeod (2007). Traditional marine resource management in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Lisa Wedding (2006). Coral reef mapping for ecosystem-based fisheries management.

PhD Dissertations

Jennifer Bernstein (in progress). A renewed environmental paradigm: Understanding the diversity of contemporary environmentalism.

Kerrie Littlejohn (in progress). Geography of Responsibility: Norm activation, conservation and tourism

William Cecil (in progress). Community Supported Fisheries.

Elizabeth McLeod (2012). Developing a vulnerability and adaptation assessment framework for application in tropical island communities.