Frequently Asked Questions

20 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions of the Compliance Office

How many times a month does the University's Animal Care and Use Committee meet?

The committee meets regularly once a month on the third Thursday.  This is subject to change during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  The committee will convene for special meetings as the need arises.
When are protocol applications due for Animal Care and Use Committee monthly meetings?
Applications are to submitted to the Compliance Officer on the second Wednesday of each month no later than 12:00 PM (noon).  This is subject to change during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
How many copies of each application must I submit?
Fourteen (14) copies and the signed orginal application must be submitted.
When can I find out whether my application has received committee approval?
Verbal or E-mail notification can be provided by the Compliance Office within 24 hours after the Animal Care and Use Committee's meeting.  Applicants are usually notified in writing within 4-5 working days.
Can graduate students and post-doctoral researchers sign-off on the applications?
No.  Only the Principal Investigators (PI) may sign off on the applications. In situations where the PI is unavailable to sign the application, the Department Chairman or the College Dean may sign on the behalf of the PI.  A cover letter should be provided to explain why the Department Chairman or Dean is signing on the behalf of the PI.
Can applications be handwritten?
No.  Only type written or computer printed applications are accepted for review.  Handwritten filled protocol forms are not accepted and shall be returned to the applicant.
How long is a project approval good for?
Project approval is good for 1 year from the date of the committee meeting that it was reviewed on. All projects are required to be renewed annually.
If I received word that my project was approved, when can I start my project?
You may start using animals immediately if you have been granted full approval.
What does conditional approval mean?
Receiving a conditional approval means that the committee had more concerns that required more detailed explanation or further clarification.  If your protocol is a new application, animal use cannot begin.  If your protocol is being renewed, all animal use covered by this application must cease.  In either case, animal work can only begin or continue after the Committee Chairman accepts the applicant's written response to the committee's concerns.
If my application has been deferred what shall I do?
Receiving a deferral means that the committee had  serious problems with the scope of the procedures on the proposed work.  The applicant is encouraged to reapply, but should make sure to address all of the committee's concerns in a new full protocol application.
Will I be notified when it is time for me to renew my protocol?
Yes.  The Compliance Office will notify you by an official notice at least 4-5 weeks in advance when your application is expired. The notification will inform the applicant of what forms are required to be submitted.
What if I don't plan to renew my protocol?
The PI should sign the protocol expiration notice and return it to the Compliance Office. In order to properly close the project file, the PI should provide a written summary as to whether the project met the objectives stated in the original (initial) application.
The committee has several forms, how do I know which ones to use?
The committee has three basic forms.  The Animal Use Protocol Form ("Full Form"), is used for ALL new projects; pilot studies; full project renewals at three year intervals; and SIGNIFICANT revisions.  The Protocol Follow-up Form ("Annual Renewal") is a short form used for yearly renewals.  The Protocol Revision Form is a short form, and is used for MINOR revisions for active applications.
When should I report changes or modifications to my protocol?
You may use the Revision Form at any time during the life of the current protocol.  By federal law and  University Policy, PIs are required to notify the committee of any changes made to any currently active protocol.  Typical changes may include, project personnel, numbers and species of animals, modifications to the experimental methods or procedures, special requirements for animal husbandry and housing, etc.  Be advised that if the changes are considered SIGNIFICANT, the PI will be required to complete the "Full Form" to address project modifications.
Must I complete the Animal Use Protocol Form if I use snails, shrimp, bees, worms, coral, or microorganisms in my research to teaching/instruction activities?
No.  You need only submit an Animal Use Protocol Form if you use animals that have a vertebrae (backbones).
Under what categories of animals use must I submit a Animal Use Protocol Form?
The committee recognizes three general animal use categories.  Research, Teaching/Training, and Herd/Flock/Breeding.
Besides the protocol forms, should I submit anything else?
Yes, if you are performing any animal use activities that require special permits for work with endangered species, marine mammals, or specimen collection permits, you may be required to submit a copy of the documentation to the Compliance Office.  If you are working in cooperation with another institution that has an Animal Care and Use Committee, you will be required to furnish a copy of the project approval letter from that institution.
Am I required to participate and complete the UH Veterinarinan's Office WebCT training program for the Review of Regulations for the Use of Vertebrate Animals?
Yes, that is a very important item because the computer modular training program will cover the federal laws, policies, and regulations that govern animal use for research and teaching/training. The training program will also cover the University's own policies, the function of the Animal Care and Use Committee, and administrative hierarchy and reporting lines.
Must I have an approved protocol before I can order or house animals at the Laboratory Animal Service facilities?
Yes, only PIs that have Animal Care and Use Committee approved protocols can place animal orders and/or house animals at these facilities.
I am in a rush to do my animal work, can my new protocol be granted preapproval status?
No.  Animal work cannot begin until committee approval  is granted.  All protocol applications are required to undego full committee review before a decision is rendered.


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