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Introduction to the field of medical informatics -- an emerging, inter-disciplinary domain found at the intersection of clinical science, international public health, information science, health economics and finance, and computer technology and communications technology

Fall 2009
Tuesdays, 3:00 pm - 5:40 pm
Classroom: Holmes 242

Eighth Annual Medical Informatics Projects Day - Tuesday, December 7, 2009 - 3:00pm-5:45pm, HOLMES 242




Topic Area Keywords -- Project Title
3:15 pm Neil Fujinaga Telehealth, TBI = traumatic brain injury, PTSD = post-traumatic stress disorder The Use of Telehealth in the screening, diagnosis and management of TBI/PTSD in the Military Environment
3:35 pm Kaveh Kardan traffic accidents, social awareness Traffic Accidents on Oahu 1995-2008:
Stimulating Social Awareness using Visualization Techniques
3:55 pm Yuen-Chuen (Carol) Lin GIS = geographic information system Using GIS Techniques to Map Health Disparities in Hawaii
4:15 pm Creighton Okada HDD = health data dictionary, standards in medical informatics

HDD as the Cornerstone of an EMR:
Should America Build its National Health Data Dictionary?

  - BREAK -    
4:35 pm Brian Pang EMR = electronic medical record

A Conceptual Model for EMR Adoption Attitudes among Small Private Practice Physicians

4:50 pm Angel Rumbaoa fraud, fraud detection, profiling, pattern recognition, health finance, health insurance Detecting Fraud in Healthcare Environments
5:05 pm Jennifer Tom Health Data Models, data heterogeneity, data mining Query Translation vs. Data Warehousing: Comparing methods for Integrating Heterogeneous Health Data Models
5:20 pm Yili Wang (Houston TX) Change management, information systems management Strategies for Management Organization Change in Information Systems Implementation in Healthcare Environments
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