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  • Note: this page has been updated to reflect changes in the UH online journal system.

    Some notes on using the UH journal collection

    One of the great resources at UH is the collection of online journals and databases.  You can find journal articles by using the “Online Resources” engine of the Voyager catalog system, which can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of the Voyager search page:
    Voyager Header
    or directly from:

    This will take you to the electronic resources page of the library website.  You can search for a particular journal or discipline or browse through the collection.  Often one journal will be included in more than one electronic resource.  If you search for Current Anthropology, for instance, you'll get back a list of different possibilities:
    Current Anthropology
      Journal (with Full Text)  : v.1 (1959)-v.40 (1999)
    • JStor has scanned images, not as useful for searching, but covering a longer timespan.
    Current Anthropology
      Journal (with Full Text)  : v.38:no2 (1997:Apr.)-
    • The University of Chicago publishes a number of scholarly journals.
    Current anthropology [via Religion & Philosophy Collection]
      Journal (with Full Text)  : 10/1/1990 to present
    Current anthropology [via MasterFILE Premier]
      Journal (with Full Text)  : 10/1/1990 to present
    Current anthropology [via MAS Ultra - School Edition]
      Journal (with Full Text)  : 10/1/1990 to present
    Current anthropology [via Academic Search Premier]
      Journal (with Full Text)  : 10/1/1990 to present
    • EBSCO has several databases with full-text retrieval of many articles, and earlier articles indexed.  The Academic Search Premier is their most general database, and a good place to start. Once you connect you can search within the journal or within their whole array of available journals.

    Clicking on one will take you onto a sign-in page, and from there on to the journal.  Once you're signed on you'll be able to connect to any of the other resources as well.  There doesn't appear to be any way to seach everything at once, but in addition to EBSCO (or Academic Search Premier), it's worth looking at Ingenta, ScienceDirect and BioOne (home of the great Economic Botany).  It depends on what you're looking for; if you play around with it you'll get a good sense of how to find what you want.

    A good way to research a subject is to look first at the most recent paper you can find about it and see what references are cited, and then go on to look for them.

    You may find an article indexed which isn't available online.  Hamilton Library has a fairly decent collection of journals which can be only used within the library.  The problem with this is that Hamilton Library has a fairly horrible collection of photocopying machines... but after a little perseverance and wasted paper its usually possible to find one that's working.

    Happy foraging.

    This page is available at, and may be updated occassionally.  Please let me know if this page is useful or if you think of any way it could be more so.  s t r a u c h  at  h a w a i i . e d u