Grass Radicals
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Note: As of May 2005, this site is still under construction.
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Grass Radicals is a celebration of Chinese food, language and culture.

Grass Radicals is about
  • celebrating the diversity of food plants -- which are often written in Chinese characters with the grass radical (艹) incorporated.
  • preserving and defending access to basic food staples -- often members of the grass family (such as rice, wheat, or corn) or other monocots (such as taro or banana).
  • profound grass roots social action, especially in preserving sustainable foodways.
That is, Grass Radicals is about food and politics. Radical means getting at the root of something; the root of politics is community, the root of community is sharing food, and the root of food is the diversity of ingredients of which it is made. This site celebrates and explores the cultural expressions, including cuisine, art, literature and film, through which the eating community is made manifest.

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