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UH Mānoa Geography

Below are some links to resources for geography, the Hawaiian environment, and academics, as well as some useful references, organizations, blogs and other interesting websites.

Many academic journals and books are now online. The UH Mānoa library indexes geography journals here, and I have posted links to some other interesting online journals and books available at UH, as well as some notes on how to use the UH electronic reserves; and here's another list of geographically oriented journals.

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Finding Fiji in Ba
Locating Fiji in Ba, Viti Levu

Some useful geography resources...

Dennis Nullet's Geog 101 WebCT online text (user ID "geog101" & password "panda").
Michael Ritter's Geog 101 online text and class at UWSP.
Krisna Suryanata's resource page
Matt McGranaghan's resource page
UH Mānoa Library's Geography Subject Guide
UH Mānoa Cartography Lab
UH access to Ingenta's geography journals

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...Hawaiian resources...

Bishop Museum Planetarium (dates for makahiki, lāhaina noon &c)
Ask a Bishop Museum scientist for help identifying species through photos
NTBG & Smithsonian Institute Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Natural Resources Conservation Service PLANTS Database
Windward CC's Hawaiian Plant Resources on the Web
Pat Caldwell's NOAA Hawaiian Surf Forecast for O‘ahu
NOAA's Area Forecast Discussion for Hawai‘i

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...and academic resources:

UH Mānoa Library's instructional resources
UH Mānoa
Center for Political Ecology (CPE) teaching resources
the Research Cooperative
UH Mānoa Committee on Human Studies (CHS) Institutional Review Board (IRB)

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UH Mānoa Department of Geography
the Association of American Geographers (AAG)
the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (APCG) & newsletter Pacifica
Socialist-Critical Geography Specialty Group
Conference of Latin American Geographers (CLAG) Yearbooks

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Some useful references:

Charles & al (1981) Where You At? A Bioregional Quiz; (reprint)
Lal & Houston's (2000) The Pacific Islands encyclopedia
Pukui & al (1974) Place Names of Hawai‘i

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Some papers:

Barry Holstun Lopez' (1989) The American Geographies

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Map blogs

Strange Maps
Flowing Data
EVS Islands
Radical Cartography
the Map Room
Natural Earth Data
Ogle Earth
Edible Geography

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Far Outliers blog
Gigapan (in Hawai‘i)
The Oil Drum
Sightline's maps & news of Cascadia
Space and Culture blog
World Mapper

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The Longitudinal Marginalization of the Pacific (using "dual maps" code from Map Channels):
Left navigation will control both images, flipping Virtual Earth back and forth across the 180th meridian, while googlemaps has lost half of Taveuni.

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