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 May 2007

"The principal difficulty in this investigation is methodology. The evidence for this research is generally consumed, digested and transformed—and thus no longer available in archives, or for carbon dating. Yet in a way one can say that the evidence is always being manufactured and discovered anew, every day, in every meal in every home. Still, the work of one cook is not hard and fast evidence, and is fraught with variables and at best can only indicate a pattern."

— Doreen Fernandez, Culture Ingested: On the Indigenization of Phillipine Food

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link Agriculture, Food & Human Values Society (AFHVS)
link American Folklore Society (AFS) Foodways Section
Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS)
Canadian Association for Food Studies
Canadian IRDC Urban Agriculture resources
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Culinary Historians of Northern California
Food and Society Policy Fellows
Grupo Gastronautas
Hawai‘i Organic Farmers Association
Honolulu People's Open Markets (POM)
International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF)
Island Food Community of Pohnpei
Kitchen Gardeners International
Local Harvest
MultiCampus Research Program (MRP) Studies of Food and the Body
Native Seeds/SEARCH
Organic Consumers Association (Hawai‘i page)
Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery
Slow Food
Slow Food Foundation
Slow Food Hawai‘i (Big Island)
Slow Food Kaua‘i
Slow Food KCC
Slow Food O‘ahu
Slow Food USA
Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN) (blog)
Symposium of Australian Gastronomy
Take a Bite out of Climate Change
UC Davis Critical Studies in Food & Culture
Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana (UCSJ) Recursos en línea / Gastronomía

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Eugene Anderson's (2005) Everyone Eats : Understanding Food and Culture
Gary Alan Fine's (1996) Kitchens: The Culture of Restaurant Work
Julie Guthman's (2004) Agrarian Dreams: the Paradox of Organic Farming in California
Rachel Laudan's (1996) The Food of Paradise: exploring Hawai‘i’s culinary heritage
Oxford A-Z of Food and Drink
Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition
Susan J. Terrio's (2000) Crafting the Culture and History of French Chocolate
Amy Trubek's (2008) The taste of place a cultural journey into terroir
Hawaiʻi - Cultures and Cuisines - UH Mānoa LibGuides

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Agriculture & Human Values
Anthropology of Food
Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures / Revue des cultures culinaires au Canada
Digest: An Interdisciplinary Study of Food and Foodways (archive)
edible Hawaiian Islands
Food, Culture & Society
Food & Foodways
Food & History
Food History News
the Food Times
Intl Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) library
Intl J. Soc. Agriculture & Food
Journal of Agricultural & Food Information
LOCALE: The Australasian-Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies
Nourished Magazine
Petits Propos Culinaires
Sabor e Arte
Simple Cooking
UC Davis Food and Culture Texts
the Zenchilada

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Work notes

Here is a table of the disciplinal affiliations of the editorial board members
of interdisciplinary journals focusing of food, ethnobiology, and political ecology,
with links to scholars' websites.

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Foodies, Blogs, Fora &c.

Kim Adrian's Food Culture Index
Ken Albala's Food Rant
Daniel Anthony's Mana Ai website
OC Weekly (home of Gustavo Arellano) Stick a Fork in it blogs
(tags: Mexi-Meals, Indigestion, ¡Ask a Comida Critic!)
ASFS listserv forum
Barathy's Spicy Chilly blog
Cristina Barros y Marco Buenrostro's Itacate column from La Jornada
Cynthia D. Bertelsen's Gherkins & Tomatoes page
Robert Dirks' World Food Habits Bibliography
Edible Geography
eGullet (& its Hawai‘i forum)
Bill Esparza's Street Gourmet LA blog
A Faranje Cooks Ethiopian
Food + Tech connect
Food Blogs S’cool
Food Communication
Food Navigator (US edition )
Fooducate blog
Jonathan Gold's column from LA Weekly
Jenny Goldstein's Rooting for Fruit blog (archive)
the Guardian's Word of Mouth blog
KCRW's Good Food broadcast
Dan Jurafsky's Language of Food blog
Annelise Kelly's Palette Pioneer blog
KIPlog’s list of food blogs
Rachel Laudan's blog
Mā‘ona (& their list of Hawai‘i food blogs)
Harold McGee's Curious Cook news
Marion Nestle's blog and publications
Michael Pollan's homepage and UC page
Zarela Martinez' blog

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Comida (y Bebida) Latina

Biblioteca Gastronomica
Gastronomía Histórica de México
Historia de la Culinaria Mexicana
Historia de la Gastronomía
La Jornada del campo
Mezcales Tradicionales
Mexican Spanish <> English Food Lexicon

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