David Strauch's
Film Notes


I have been interested lately in exploring the possibilities of creating films that are more academically rigorous (i.e. peer-reviewed and well-referenced) than documentaries have historically been. New digital presentation technologies (e.g. DVDs) open up possibilites for work that are still largely unexplored. I've sketched a proposal for one such project here and posted more discussion on the Ethnobiological Media Archive pages.

I'm currently working on a filmed presentation about the Ethnobotany of Mole, featuring Edelmira Linares of the UNAM Botanical Garden; in the course of gathering material for this we also ended up with interviews and footage that may get used for other related projects.

While I've been thinking mostly about academic documentaries lately, at some point I'd like to get back to making some simple visual narrative films, like Bunchy Top, which I made in 2003 for ‘Ōlelo Community Television.

Some of the things I've done in the last couple of years have been a film on Foraging, a PSA for the 2006 ‘Awa Festival, and editing the UH Botany Department's Introduction to Ethnobotany videos.

I may add some more films and discussions on this page later. I have moved my bookmarks of links to organizations, online journals and books, film websites & blogs and film festivals to the Geography of Film (Geog 425) Resources page.

Bunchy Top at Ricky's