Geography of Film (Geog 425)
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Note: All readings and viewings should be done before the class for which they're listed. Our text, Bordwell & Thompson's Film art: an introduction (1997), is abbreviated as B&T; other readings will be posted.


7 Jan: Introduction
14 Jan: Getting into films
Post: a participant profile
Watch: Django Unchained & Rashōmon
Read: B&T 2009 ch. 1:1-53; Foucault 1986 Of Other Spaces
Write: on Getting into a film
21 Jan: No class: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (observed)
Read: B&T 1997 ch.2 on film form; Escher 2006; Gámir & Valdés 2007
Post: a cinematic map
28 Jan: Film and Narrative Space
Watch: Zoot Suit & Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)
Read: B&T 2001 ch. 3 on narrative and ch. 4 on genre; & optionally Pagán 2000
Write: on 5 or 10 things a geographer should look for in a film

The Right to the City

4 Feb: Taking the Streets
Watch: Do the Right Thing & Milk
Read: Harvey 2008; B&T 1997 ch. 5 on mise en scene, example essay on Do the Right Thing
Write: a short review of a favorite film
11 Feb: In & Out of the City
Watch: Chungking Express; Not One Less
Read: Ning 2009; B&T 1997 ch.6 on cinematography
Write: a close reading of a shot
18 Feb: No class: Precedents Day

Film on the Road

25 Feb: Journeys of Discovery
Watch: Danzón; & True Grit (Coen bros.)
Read: B&T 1997 ch. 7 on editing and ch. 8 on sound
Write: a short review of a road movie
Suggested: 2001; Powwow Highway; Y tu mamá tambien
4 Mar: Desperate Journeys
Watch: Leaving No Trace (Sin Dejar Huella); & Casablanca
Read: B&T 2001 ch. 10 on style ; Conley 2007: 93-100
Write: a close reading of a sequence
Suggested: Down by Law; Thelma & Louise; Some Like it Hot; Enemy of the State; Lista de espera; We're no angels


11 Mar: Crossing Borders
Watch: Latcho Drom; & Delhi 6
Read: Aitken & Dixon 2006; Bhatawadekar 2011
Write: a comparative film review
Suggested: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (KKKG)
18 Mar: The Circulation of Things
Watch: Repo Man; & The Gleaners & I
Read: B&T 2001 ch. 5 on documentaries (= 2009 ch. 10); Benjamin 1936
25 Mar: No class: Spring Break / Kūhiō Day

Mythic Time and Festival

1 Apr: The Post-Apocalypse
Watch: The Third Man; 12 Monkeys; & La Jetée
Read: Lukinbeal & Zimmermann 2006
Suggested: City of Lost Children
Write: notes on one of the readings (other than B&T)
8 Apr: HIFF Spring Showcase
Meet at: Dole Theatre for Midnight's Children
Write: a review of another HIFF film
15 Apr: Finitude
Watch: The Seventh Seal; & Black Orpheus
Suggested: A Pure Formality; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring again
Write: on the interaction of space and time
22 Apr: Writing workshop
Bring: Draft portfolio (2 copies; graded for completeness)
29 Apr: Potluck & open discussion
Bring: Final portfolio due
Films: TBA