Geography of Hawai‘i (Geog 368)
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Note: This schedule is under construction! A working schedule should be in place by August 20th, subject to further revision as needed

Week 1: Introduction

21 Aug: Orientation: Geography, Hawai‘i
23 Aug: Perspectives on Hawai‘i
Bring: a map to analyze
Read: Epeli Hau‘ofa (1993) Our Sea of Islands
Drew Kapp (1999) The Cartoonography of Paradise: Pictorial Maps of Hawai‘i. In Hawai‘i: New Geographies. (ed. D.W. Woodcock): 21-28.
Suggested: Lilomaiava-Doktor (2009) Beyond "Migration": Samoan Population Movement (Malaga) and the Geography of Social Space (). The Contemporary Pacific 21(1):1-32

Week 2: Placing Hawai‘i

28 Aug: Speaking/Writing Place
Read: Renee Pualani Louis (1999) Waikīkī Place Names: Ka Ho‘okahua Hou. In Hawai‘i: New Geographies. (ed. D.W. Woodcock): 45-54.
Davida Malo (1951 [1903:28-39]) Hawaiian Antiquities (ka Mo‘olelo Hawai‘i) chapters 5-7:9-18 (as ebook)
Explore: Downwind Productions Historic Waikiki website
Suggested: RDK Herman (1999b) The Aloha State: Place names and the anti-conquest of Hawai'i. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 89(1):76-102
30 Aug: Library resources
Visit: Hawaiian Collection at Hamilton library

Week 3: Energy Cycles in the North Pacific

4 Sept: Wind, Wave, Weather, Climate
Read: Thomas Schroeder (1993) Climate Controls. Prevailing Trade Winds: Weather and Climate in Hawai‘i (ed. Marie Sanderson, UH Press): 12-36
Suggested: Kumulipo
Paul Berkowitz (1999) Focal Point of the Pacific: A Perspective on Surfing in Hawai'i. In Hawai‘i: New Geographies. (ed. D.W. Woodcock): 35-43.
Submit: photo of energy flow in the landscape (open interpretation)
6 Sept: Geomorphology and Island Cycles
Read: Deborah Woodcock (1999) Of Posterosional Landscapes, Arrivals, and Extinctions: A Natural History of O‘ahu. In Hawai‘i: New Geographies. (ed. D.W. Woodcock): 15-20.
Visit: Island models in St. John lobby
Suggested: Nunn (1999) Geomorphology. In The Pacific Islands: Environment & Society (ed. Moshe Rapaport, ch 4): 43-55

Week 4: Biogeography and Ecology

11 Sept: Evolutionary Biogeography
Read: Chris Simon (1987) Hawaiian evolutionary biology: An introduction. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 2(7):175–178
Leonard A Freed, Sheila Conant, and Robert C Fleischer (1987) Evolutionary ecology and radiation of Hawaiian passerine birds. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 2(7):196–203
Suggested: Kay (1999) Biogeography. In The Pacific Islands: Environment & Society (ed. Moshe Rapaport, ch 7):76-92
13 Sept: Cultural Biogeography & Impacts
Read: Peter M Vitousek, Lloyd L Loope, and Charles P Stone (1987) Introduced species in Hawai‘i: Biological effects and opportunities for ecological research. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 2(7):224–227

Week 5: Transported Landscapes

18 Sept: Agroecology & Transported Landscapes
Read: Patrick V. Kirch (1982) Transported landscapes. Natural History 91(12):32-35
Marion Kelly (1989) Dynamics of production intensification in pre-contact Hawai‘i. In What’s New? A Closer Look at the Process of Innovation (ed. van der Leeuw & Torrence; Unwin Hyman): 82–105
Suggested: Helen M. Leach (1999) Intensification in the Pacific. Current Anthropology, 40(3):311–340
E.S.C. Handy (1999)Traces of Totemism in Polynesia: Theories of Embodiment of Tutelary Spirits in Animate and Inanimate Forms. Journal of the Polynesian Society 77(1):43–56
(Note: 3rd Wednesdays free admission at the Honolulu Academy of Arts)
20 Sept: Cultural Roots & Branches
Read: Lilikalā Kame‘eleihiwa (1992) Traditional Hawaiian Metaphors. Native Land and Foreign Desires: Pehea Lā E Pono Ai?, chapter 2:21–49.
Paul Rainbird (2001) Deleuze, Turmeric and Palau: rhizome thinking and rhizome use in the Caroline Islands. Le Journal de la Société des Océanistes (112):13–19.
Suggested: E Kāne-au-loli-ka-honua: Pule hō‘ulu‘ulu ‘ai video (Gon 2006)
Hurles et al (2003) Untangling Oceanic settlement: the edge of the knowable. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 18(10):531-540
Terrell et al (1997) The Dimensions of Social Life in the Pacific: Human Diversity and the Myth of the Primitive Isolate. Current Anthropology 38(2):155-195

Week 6: Landscape Organization and Transformation

25 Sept: Traditional Hawaiian Spatial Organization
(Political Economy, Land Tenure, Demography)
Read: B. Kamanamaikalani Beamer (2005) Kālaimoku: Kālai‘āina: The Complex Nature of ‘Ōiwi Land Distribution. Ch 3 in Huli ka Palena (PhD Thesis, UHM Geography): 51-73
Johannes (2002) The renaissance of traditional marine community-based marine resource management in Oceania. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 33:317-340
27 Sept: Cosmopolitan Transported Landscapes & Globalizing Economies
Read: Lyndon Wester (1992) Origin and distribution of adventive alien flowering plants in Hawai‘i. In Alien plant invasions in native ecosystems of Hawaii: Management and research (ed. C. P. Stone, C. W. Smith, & J. T. Tunison; UH Press, Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit): 99–154
Suggested: Ruth M. Blair (2007) “Transported landscapes”: Reflections on empire and environment in the Pacific. In Five Emus to the King of Siam: Environment and Empire (ed. Helen Tiffin):85–111

Week 7: Surveying Ecological Landscapes

2 Oct: Review of Landscapes
Read: Lloyd L Loope and Thomas W Giambelluca (1998) Vulnerability of Island Tropical Montane Cloud Forests to Climate Change, with Special Reference to East Maui, Hawai‘i. Climatic Change 39(2-3):503–517.
4 Oct: Midterm

Week 8: Historical Economic and Political Geographies

9 Oct: Demographic Transition and Changing Land Tenure
Read: B. Kamanamaikalani Beamer and T. Ka‘eo Duarte (2006) Mapping the Hawaiian Kingdom: A Colonial Venture? Hawaiian Journal of Law and Politics 2:34-52
Suggested: Adrian Tanner (2007) On Understanding Too Quickly: Colonial and Postcolonial Misrepresentation of Indigenous Fijian Land Tenure. Human Organization 66(1):69–77
11 Oct: Nation / Territory / State
Read: David Keanu Sai (2011) United States Seizure of the Hawaiian Islands. Ua Mau ke Ea, Part III:73-102

Week 9: Geographies of Power: from above

16 Oct: Siezed Lands and Occupied Islands
Read: David Keanu Sai (2011) Occupation. Ua Maua ke Ea, chapter 10:103-107
Alison A. Chun Smith (1999) Kaho‘olawe: The Sacred Isle. In Hawai‘i: New Geographies. (ed. D.W. Woodcock): 133-151.
Browse: DMZ Hawai‘i / Aloha ‘Āina website
18 Oct: Land, Water, and Power
Watch in class: Stolen Waters video by Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina
Read: Linda Tuhiwai Smith (1999) Conceptions of Space; Conceptions of Time. From Decolonising Methodologies: 50-57.
Explore: CCH Board of Water SupplyWater Cycle website

Week 10: Geographies of Power: from below

23 Oct: Cultural Diversity & the “Right to the City”
Read: Jonathan Y. Okamura (1994) Why there are no Asian Americans in Hawaiʻi: the continuing significance of local identity. In The Politica Economy of Hawai‘i (ed. Ibrahim G. Aoudé, UH Press, aka Social Process in Hawai’i v. 35):161–178
Suggested: Isaiah Helekunihi Walker (2008) Hui Nalu, Beachboys, and the Surfing Boarder-lands of Hawai‘i. The Contemporary Pacific 20(1):89-113
25 Oct: Keeping the Country Country: Urban Development and Resistance
Read: Bob Nakata (1999) The Struggles of the Waiāhole-Waikāne Community Association. In The ethnic studies story: politics and social movements in Hawaiʻi : essays in honor of Marion Kelly (ed. Ibrahim G. Aoudé, UH Press, aka Social Process in Hawai’i v. 39):60-73
Ulla Hasager and Marion Kelly (2001) Public Policy of Land and Homesteading in Hawai‘i. In Public Policy and Globalization in Hawai‘i (ed. Ibrahim G. Aoudé, UH Press, aka Social Process in Hawai’i v. 40):190-232

Note: Hawai‘i Pacific Islands ‘Awa Festival is Saturday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
(see video on ‘Awa & Cultural Conservation)

Week 11: The Postporoductive Landscape?

30 Oct: Placing Values
Read: Krisnawati Suryanata (2002) Diversified Agriculture, Land Use, and Agrofood Networks in Hawai‘i. Economic Geography 78(1):71–86
Keiko Ohnuma (2008) “Aloha Spirit” and the Cultural Politics of Sentiment as National Belonging. The Contemporary Pacific 20(2):365–394
Craig Howes (2010) Introduction. The Value of Hawai‘i (ed. Howes & Osorio, UH Press):1-7
Explore: The Value of Hawai‘i website
1 Nov: Economies of Representation
Read: Teresia K. Teaiwa (1994) Bikinis and other s/pacific n/oceans. The Contemporary Pacific 6(1):87-109
Margaret Jolly (2007) Imagining Oceania: Indigenous and foreign representations of a Sea of Islands. The Contemporary Pacific 19(2):508
Suggested: Herman (1999) Race Identity and Representation. PIES ch 13:156-164
Mary McDonald (1999) Who Owns Waikīkī?. In Hawai‘i: New Geographies. (ed. D.W. Woodcock): 179-219

Week 12: Cultural Landscapes

6 Nov: No class: Election Day
8 Nov: Inhabiting Hawaiian Landscapes
Read: John Dominis Holt, (1995 [1964]) On Being Hawaiian
Brandon C. Ledward (2007) On Being Hawaiian Enough: Contesting American Racialization with Native Hybridity. Hūlili Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaiian Well-Being 4(1):107–143
J. Kēhaulani Kauanui (2007) Blood and Reproduction of (the) Race in the Name of Ho'oulu Lāhui—A Hawaiian Feminist Critique. Pacific Studies 30(1):110-106
Suggested: Stefan Helmreich (2005) How Scientists Think; About “Natives,” For Example. A Problem of Taxonomy among Biologists of Alien Species in Hawai‘i. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 11(1):107–128.

Week 13: Student presentations

13 Nov: Kaua‘i, Ni‘ihau
15 Nov: O‘ahu

Week 14: Student presentations

20 Nov: Maui
22 Nov: No class: observation of European settlement of N. America

Week 15: Student presentations

27 Nov: Moloka‘i, Lana‘i, Kaho‘olawe
29 Nov: Moku o Keawe

Week 16: Food for thought

4 Dec: Hāloa and Food Sovereignty
Read: J. Noelani Goodyear-Ka‘ōpua (2009) Rebuilding the ‘Auwai: Connecting Ecology, Economy and Education in Hawaiian Schools. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples 5(2):47–77
Suggested: Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong'o (1986) Introduction, Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature.
6 Dec: Review