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Leo Mahinaʻohoku Angelo Shaw Still

Why this long name?

Leo is soft, and wild, and strong, and altogether lion-like. Hence Leo.
Leo has a second very nice meaning: in Hawaiian it means melodic voice.
Leo's birthing night was the full moon of Hoku. Mahina ʻO Hoku. The Hawaiian moon calendar can be found here.
Mahina ʻO Hoku is also the name of a beautiful Hawaiian love song.
Dita Ramler kindly gave him this name. She consulted Aaron Mahi and Keomailani Fergestrom.
They agreed that Mahina 'o Hoku is a good middle name since he was born on that day.
Mahina means moon. 'O is the word one uses before a proper noun or name. Hoku is the name of the moon.
It is special that he was born on this day/night. It was a memorable super-moon.
Angelo means angel (obviously) and Shaw is a small group of trees:
He's a little Angel out of the forest (totally sappy!), because he originates from here (not exactly a small forest, but close enough).
Still (our last name) - well, in German it is an adjective that means quiet.
In english it also has another meaning. This is a funny picture Eric Gullichsen took of us and his had-made still in NZ: 3 stills.

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