FlowerManoa Seminar Series onFlower
Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience



2:30-3:30pm Sakamaki 103;  Prof. Dr. Giacomo Indiveri on Neuromorphic engineering

12-1pm ICS space: P.O.S.T 318B; Prof. Dr. Pieter Abbeel on Learning to learn to act

February 2018 Dr. Gennady Berman, LANL

Planned (check for updates!):

Prof. Dr. Christian Van den Broeck, U Hasselt

Prof. Dr. David Sivak, Simon Fraser University

Prof Dr. Karoline Wiesner, University of Bristol

Dr. Fabio Caccioli, UCL

Invited speakers have included:
Dr. Juan Sabuco on Partial Control of Chaos

Dr. Gavin Crooks

Dr. Ole Peters on Decision Theory

Dr. Nicholas Wisniewski on Information Geometry

Sarah Marzen on Time Series Analysis

Dr. Matteo Marsili on Criticality in Complex Systems

Dr. Leon Bottou, Microsoft.
Large scale machine learning with stochastic gradient decent

Dr. Marina Spivak, University of Washington, Genome Sciences.
Protein Identification in Shotgun Proteomics Experiments

Dr. Rob Shaw, Diffusion of Shapes

Dr. Tony Bell, UC Berkeley.

 Dr. Imre Kondor, Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study, Hungary.

Dr. Richard Zemel, University of Toronto.

Dr. Yaroslav Halchenko, Rutgers University.

Dr. Nihat Ay, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany.

Dr. Barak Pearlmutter, University of Ireland at Maynooth.

Dr. James Crutch´Čüeld, University of California at Davis.

Dr. Chris Watkins, Royal Holloway, London.

Dr. Gayle Wittenberg, Princeton University.

Dr. Chris Wiggins, Columbia University, New York.